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Doll’s house 1: FEM

Indeed, scaling, mock-ups and high quality prototypes are a huge part of Studio FEM’s design process and creating these featured prominently when they were asked to name which were the five most important elements that constituted the basic fundamentals of their working process.

When Kvorning Designs, Magical Moments Evolve

With more than 5000 projects in more than 50 countries, Kvorning Design & Communication is one of Denmark's leading design studios, when it comes to exhibition design.

"We are growing so fast at this point, and selling our products and moving our business is quite different from designing and creating new products which is our core competence."

Anders Thams, Moebe

Designing a Luxurious Travel Experience On-Site

The German luxury travel company Designreisen chose the Danish architectural firm Henning Larsen Architects to design a new store in Munich.

Q&A with Tine Mouritsen

Listening is the key to great design. That's the belief of Danish designer Tine Mouritsen, who has been running her own design studio for a decade.


Storm System – The Intelligent Home of the Future

The installation ring which Storm System is built around makes it possible to remove the number of visible components on both ceilings and walls. The mission for oneA is to design products that can be integrated into a building’s architecture without compromising on quality.

Quality – An Indefinite Amount of Time

As a fourth generation owner of the furniture manufacturer Bernh. Pedersen & Son, Thomas Bernhard Pedersen grew up with the touch and mindset of quality in the furniture business.

Changing Education with Design

As a leading company, when it comes to designing spaces and surroundings that let users adapt to everything from changing working habits to different learning situations, we asked Rosan Bosch Studio how to create the optimal learning environment.

RTC - Are you going?

RTC Europe is an event covering Building Information Modelling (BIM) in all its aspects, with a core focus on workflows centred on Autodesk Revit, as well as complementary and alternative applications. This is a ‘for users, by users’ event, where experts and leaders in the field of BIM share their knowledge and experience, express their passion and exchange their insights.

Meet Marinov – A Connoisseur of Light

Originally trained as a coppersmith, Nikolay Marinov is a designer of lighting and light sources, who is permeated with passion, when it comes to his trade.

A Short Talk on Architectural Craftsmanship

A professor contemplates about the relationship between architecture and craftsmanship, or how the two terms convert into one; architectural craftsmanship.

A Fundament for Better Thoughts

Founding Fundament, we were very specific about underlying principles: The moral side of design on how our work could make the world better, rather than selling more furniture in an industry that is known for its unsustainable practices, was a key part.

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