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Concrete Aesthetics

Passions can be ignited by many different sparks. The passion of Danish architect Anders Toft for designing furniture made of concrete started off with a keen interest in experimenting and playing around with the heavy, and sometimes clumsy, material. Clumsiness is, however, not the best word for describing the products of the design company Tonton, which was founded by Toft some two years ago.

Creating an "Aha" Experience

Michael Daae Christensen don't wanna create objects which only the well-off can buy; he wants to sell quality design at a price which most people can afford.

"When it comes to the form, it is important to me that the design is beautiful to look at – with curves and organic shapes. The quality should be considered thoroughly and the product should not look mass-produced; you should be able to see the craftsmanship behind it. The design should be organic, aesthetic and beautifully executed."

Arne Vodder (1926–2009), Danish designer

Strong Design Creates Social Interaction

Our architecture combines strong design with high functionality, which promotes social interaction and sustainable solutions, states Jan Ammundsen of 3XN.

The Subtle Elegance of Metal

Iron, aluminium, copper and brass are the cornerstones of Danish designer Arash Nourinejad’s lighting company, Anour.


Freedom to the Material

”I´m concerned about how we surround ourselves with the same objects and thereby make our living spaces more and more uniform and standardized.”

A Town of Timber

With the Örnsro Timber Town proposal, C.F. Møller has won the task of designing a visionary residential quarter in central Örebro, Sweden. The competition was held by Örebro Municipality together with the Swedish Association of Architects. The goal is to create an extraordinary urban quarter, as a "new impulse in the city".  

Preserving Crafts, Creating Classics

While maintaining the quality of the right craftsmanship the founder of the Danish design brand Mater wants ethics in production to support the idea of a greener planet, and make people involved in the production to benefit from it.

Let Flow the Commuters

“I truly believe that the spaces we move through have a great impact on our well-being and welfare in society, which is why I also have a hope that architecture in the future will take on that responsibility of working with the mind.”

Like Making a Movie

The Danish Shipowners’ Association’s latest website,, is more like a movie concept than creating a regular website. Spring/Summer, which designed the platform, says this style is necessary to communicate an important story.

7 Danish Design Feeds to Follow

We proudly recommend you 7 Danish design feeds to follow on Instagram Photo by Marianne Jacobsen

Design that Lasts: A Remake of a Classic

Recently, the Danish furniture manufacturer Erik Jørgensen relaunched Arne Vodder's 1972 AV chaise longue chair, which wholly showcases the late designer's sense of detail, modest expression and fondness for natural materials.

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