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Combining Digital and Ecological Design

Graduate architect Mathias Højfeldt Nielsen's final project focuses on how to explore the possibilities of combining digital and ecological design methodologies in order to reduce climate changes caused by human impact.

Take Part in History and Understand Your Past

Meet Emil Juul Clevin, a recent design graduate of the Game Art, Design and Development programme at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Design (KADK). In his graduation project, ‘Hammershus – A Journey Through Time’, Emil Juul Clevin looked at Hammershus in Bornholm and set out to design a new way of interpreting this ruined castle.

"“If I could inform the population that a house built of hay and clay is the best to live in, then I would have come a long way. I would have fulfilled the meaning of my life.”"

Darma Duus, Danish architect

Poetics of Transition

Louise Linthwaite’s graduation project is a study of a ruin, its revitalisation, and relationship to the city and the body; executed by the exploration of fragmented contextual devices across the mediums of models, reliefs, collage, and drawing.

Wood, Knife, Paper!

Paper is a precious and practical material and the focal point of graduate designer from Design School Kolding Li-Yu Lin's graduation project. Take care - you might become inspired.


Evoking Vernacular Architecture – From turf

We continue our series of graduation project with graduate architect Sindri Þorkelsson from Aarhus School of Architecture, who deals with sustainable design.

Fantastic Plastic – also in Recycling!

IN SHORT “When a large system is facing a challenge, the solution can often come from below” Aniruddha Gupte, Industrial Designer

How to make Migration Attractive

Newly educated Zuha Alasadi wants to show how town planning and urban design is imperative in dealing with migration, and other forms of societal change. Her project shows how you can enhance a city’s response to increased mobility while continuing to evolve for the benefit of its inhabitants.

Conquering New Land with Design

A leading European toilet equipment supplier captured a new clientele with a fresh product range that broke with an old, antiquated image. Ve2 is behind the design of the products.

Chinese Student Sheds Light on Danish Lamp Tradition

Graduate Chinese designer Zeyu Rong has approached the Danish traditions of good lighting from completely new angles.

Chemo To Go, Please

Meet Rie Maktabi and Isabel Aagaard, two new graduate designers from the Co-design programme at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Design (KADK). In their final joint project, ‘Chemo to go, please’, the two designers focused on how to make life better for leukaemia patients.

Temporary Architecture, Part I: Roskilde Festival

Danish architect, Jes Vagnby, has been working with temporary architecture and music festivals for the past several decades, at the same time discovering new perspectives on more permanent cities. According to Vagnby, temporary festival spaces can move focus away from individualism towards a more concentrated community feeling and social sustainability.

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