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A Short Talk on Architectural Craftsmanship

A professor contemplates about the relationship between architecture and craftsmanship, or how the two terms convert into one; architectural craftsmanship.

A Fundament for better Thoughts

Founding Fundament, we were very specific about underlying principles: The moral side of design on how our work could make the world better, rather than selling more furniture in an industry that is known for its unsustainable practices, was a key part.

"We are growing so fast at this point, and selling our products and moving our business is quite different from designing and creating new products which is our core competence."

Anders Thams, Moebe

6 Danish Architecture Feeds to Follow

We proudly recommend you 6 Danish architecture feeds to follow on Instagram.

The 2016 Design Award Winners

22. September, Design Awards 2016 took place at the Folketeatret in Copenhagen, and DANISH™ was there to congratulate all the winners!


RISING a challenge

Three main themes are in focus for the RISING Architecture Week 2017: Materials, The City and The Society. But more importantly: You are invited to participate in finding the challenges of tomorrow that should be the content of the festival!

Exploring the Boundaries of Good Craftsmanship

With close to unparalleled focus on great finish, good materials and uncompromising designs, PIECE of DENMARK seeks to combine the sculptural with the functional.

The Woman in the Middle

Rikke Hagen becomes humble as well as eccentric, facing a skilled craftsman. In contrast, she is truly at ease expressing a brilliant idea with finesse and professional competency.

Circular Rejuvenation in Architecture

Danish JJW Architects has utilised the world's first Cradle to Cradle certified cement-free mortar from the Danish company KALK to build the extension and renovation of Katrinedals School in Copenhagen.

Paperwork and illusions

It contains the popular as well as the posh. It tells a story of the past and present. It has been burried, but has been resurrected in new splendour. Wallpaper is having a renaissance – as a modern statement in interior decor as well as an important link to times past.

Caution! Playground Ahead

Jasper Morrison, designer, about Gert Kjeldtoft: Kjeldtoft were recommended to me by the owner of the wonderful Fredericia Furniture, makers of many Danish classic furniture designs. I was looking for a very high level of craftsmanship for a demanding client who wanted the best and insisted on a Danish carpenter. The resulting quality of joinery in the finished piece was remarkable, far better than I or the client had expected, and I greatly appreciated their ability to work around the inevitable problems. If it's quality and efficiency you're after, go see Kjeldtoft.        

Crafting insights are worth as much as gold

“My workshop is just as important as my pencil,” claims furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, who is one of the most prestigious and sought-after designers in Asia these days.

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