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Chromatism: A rug collection structured around colours

The Chromatism concept: 6 colour themes, 30 overlock yarn colours, 20 borders plus blind binding and cut finishing options and an endless number of shapes.

"Real Living"


Danish Design Award 2019 Finalist: Lars Vejen

Bringing the right people together around a great idea often results in brilliant solutions. Dinesen FRAMED by Vahleis one of those ideas, hatched by renowned architect and designer, Lars Vejen, brought to life in collaboration with Dinesen and Vahle and nominated as a finalist for a Danish Design Award 2019.

Three Times 3XN in Toronto

Canada’s biggest city just got more Danish as architectural company 3XN are about to design their third and newest addition to the emerging Bayside community in Toronto, Canada.

The new art form of lounging​​​​​​​

The Lounge Chair JH97 is the result of the collaboration between Fritz Hansen and Jaime Hayon, a chair that is said to make lounging a new art form.

Design has to take you forward!

Design is by definition made for exploration and finding new solutions. Thus, for Danish ARDE, working with design means moving in only one direction: forward. Meet the man behind ARDE who loves to explore new materials and sustainable technologies that can be transformed into successful products.

Designing from the Inside Out

Understanding the behaviour of human beings is essential when designing lasting, functional architecture. At DISSING+WEITLING architecture, they call it designing from the inside out. Daniel Hayden, a Partner and Architect MAA at DISSING+WEITLING architecture, shares his thoughts about this fundamental design strategy and how it relates to time and value.

A home is a home is a home

Five objects. Which five objects would you choose to bring with you to make yourself feel at home? Design School Kolding participates in this year’s Salone del Mobile with the exhibition “A home is a home is a home”, challenging our perception of what makes us belong.

Real Living Secrets of the Nordics

Why is it that the Nordic ways of architectural design and the usage of materials are so sought after? And why is it, that it is so #€%! hard to replicate, if you’re not from this part of the world? Architect Anders Barslund has a take on why.

A classic chieftain designed by Finn Juhl is this year celebrating its 70th anniversary

Signs of rinckles and grey hair are normal around the age of 70. But if you are a chair designed by Finn Juhl the situation is quite differently. The 70th Anniversary of the icon The Chieftain Chair unfolds a chair still standing strong and artistic with it's unique construction and ever elegant expression.

Subtle contrasts are key

Danish architect, interior decorator and furniture designer Mads Emil Garde uses discrete contrasts to design state-of-the-art projects. His company is called GARDE. and no task is too big or too small – as long as scale-wandering is possible

Passion for Function and Design

Danish design and manufacturing company Skovby Furniture has been around for quite some time. Their history goes back almost a century, and with their passion for natural materials they are known for creating innovative and functional designs for everyday use.

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