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Tour of Legs

Legs have always been a vital part of the construction in all types of furniture, so Danish™ visited Designmuseum Danmark to take a look at some different approaches to leg design.

"Old vs New"

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New Chair Encourages to Play

This brand new chair by Bruunmunch is designed with old mathematics in mind. The PLAYchair comes in various versions to suit every taste. Take a look.

Warm Up for the Danish Design Festival

Once again, it's that time of the year for the annual Danish Design Festival, celebrating Danish craftsmanship and design with a range of exhibitions, events, business conferences and awards. We at DANISH™ are highlighting three events that you must not miss out on.

Plan Your Day at 3daysofdesign

Copenhagen will be transformed into a city full of design events for three days next week when the Design Event is held there over three days, from 24th to 26th May 2018.

New Lighting from Anour Expands the Alphabet

Three new lamps from Danish Anour “project” the founder and owner of the company’s visions and dreams and are a testament to his discipline to follow these through. DANISH™ met Arash Nourinejad for a talk about his purpose in life and about the quality in his design.  

Fascination of Old Times – Furniture

Maybe you are one of those who gets excited when you encounter an interesting piece of furniture. We’ve talked to a design historian and a housing researcher to dig deeper into this fascination with old design.

Old Versus New – QUIZTIME on retro

You can see how the classic designs influence contemporary design, but are you able to tell the masterpieces from the newcomers? Try our latest quiz to see how well you know Danish design.

Enjoy the Silence

You don't have to choose between pleasant sound or beautiful interior. This feature is about five innovative brands that are seeking great acoustics with their designs.

Tactile details

In our whole lives, we are surrounded by a large number of items and details. Some of them, we just do not notice, whilst others attract our attention more than the rest. DANISH ™ decided to dig deeper to understand how our senses affect what we touch every day and why.

Let the Sun Shine In

The significance of natural light cannot be overstated for modern day architecture. Three Danish architectural brands tell their stories of how they have embodied natural daylight in their work.

The Healing Architecture Behind the New Children’s Hospital – BørneRiget

Studies show that surroundings can have an effect on health, both positive and negative. So, when designing the new children’s hospital in Copenhagen, BørneRiget, healing architecture was one of the key principles from which the architects began their work.

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