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Top 10 Most Read Articles This Spring

Summer calls for something vibrant and sparkling! We´ve wrapped up those ten articles that´s been most engaging and gained the most reach this spring. We hope you enjoy it!

Takes on Architecture, part III: Sustainability

In this series, DANISH™ asks a group of experts to elaborate on different architectural parameters. In this third instalment, Danish architecture firms CEBRA, ADEPT and C.F. Møller detail their philosophy on sustainability in architecture.

"This anniversary is a reminder of the importance of good relations and of us having a history together. Whether it’s old or brand new isn’t important; the most important is the will and desire to support each other. If that’s established, you have a good foundation to build on your common story.”"

Lars Vejen, Danish designer

The World Calls for a House of Peace

In spring 2018 Svendborg Architects are part of an exhibition at the Fondation Cartier Paris with "the Cloud" designed in collaboration between the studio and Japanese architect Junya Ishigami. The Cloud is an artistic building symbolising a House of Peace. – A house arised by four friends at a dinnerparty more than 12 years ago!

Steaming Hot Bathroom Designs

A nice soothing bubble bath or a quick morning visit − our bathrooms are exposed to different routines throughout the day, and have to withstand high temperatures, water and steam. We’ve looked into what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to modern bathroom designs.


Takes on Architecture, part II: The Inflow of Daylight

We've asked architects to elaborate on different architectural parameters. Now, with this second article in a series of six, experts from CEBRA, ADEPT and C.F. Møller dwell on the concept of the good inflow of daylight.

A New Universe of Bricks and Adventures

Get ready to be overwhelmed by bricks.

Watch Out For The Time

”Time is money”, ”time flies when you’re having fun” – the list of sayings about the phenomenon time is long. A few Danish designers have succeeded in capturing time within the dial. We asked the go-to guy for high-end and all quality watches to help us put together a snappy guide.

Architecture and Sports Unite at Vestre Fjord Park

Vestre Fjord Park. The new project designed by ADEPT had a baptism of fire at this year's DGI Sport and Cultural Festival.

Takes on Architecture, part I: Proportions

The Danish architecture firms CEBRA, ADEPT and C.F. Møller give us their take and thoughts on proportions.

Prepare for Take-Off

From Aarhus to Copenhagen in 45 minutes? Yes please!

The Plastic Quiz

Do you dare to challenge yourself with a quiz on Danish plastic design? Go ahead and give it a go.

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