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3XN Architects Have Designed the Good Neighbour

“Our most important question before starting out the Royal Arena project was: How do we design the venue as a good neighbour for this area?”

When Religion Converts, part I

From public church to spa center. Denmark has allowed more than one church to be converted into something entirely different. The way Danish architects have figured out how to optimize the unused historic gems at the island of Læsø in a new and modern way is just one example.

"This anniversary is a reminder of the importance of good relations and of us having a history together. Whether it’s old or brand new isn’t important; the most important is the will and desire to support each other. If that’s established, you have a good foundation to build on your common story.”"

Lars Vejen, Danish designer

No Strings Attached – New Cordless Lamp by ANOUR

From cables to cordless, the development in lamp designs can seem to travel at the speed of light.

A New Table Lamp is Born

Elegant simplicity designed to stand the test of time – thanks to both durable materials and a timeless look. These are the core values of an upcoming, new lamp  – created by rewired in collaboration with Danish architectural firm Friis & Moltke.


Self-Sufficient Headquarters for the International Olympic Committee

Tearing down and building up. The new IOC headquarters is a beauty when talking about green and sustainable buildings.

Noma To Go - Trendsetting Danish Michelin Restaurant Sells its Furnishings

World-renowned Danish Michelin restaurant Noma, is more than just a place to eat. The success story is driven by top class cuisine and the exquisite interior which has led it to become a cultural landmark in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. Lovers of the restaurant now have the chance to own a piece of the legendary interior and have a truly special collectors piece.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Last Stop: BILT EUR – Aarhus

Don't worry if you missed the BILT EUR in Aarhus earlier this month. We give you a sneak peak into our diary from the event here.

Schønherr Wins Danish Landscape Award 2017

Congratulations to Schønherr, winner of the Danish Landscape Award 2017. The Plaza is a fine example of a multifunctional urban space, which contains spaces for contemplation as well as activity.

Stay on Top – Four Remarkable Rooftops

How about a skiing slope or a theatre stage on top of your house? Rooftops can have so many more cool features than just keeping us dry and safe during rough weather, check some of them here!

The Best of Danish Interior Icons

How many do you know?

Designing Experiences You Won’t Forget

An informative report from Cluster Square, part of Aarhus Festival 2017, from the cultural event design agency Culture Works.

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