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Bricks on the Inside

Brick houses are a common sight in Denmark, but Tegnestuen Mejeriet and E+N Arkitektur have taken it one step further by making the bricks visible inside the buildings. Read about the renovation of the 200 year old inn Henne Kirkeby Kro and the brand new brick house Villa Bayview.

Modular, Durable and Colourful - Why Danish Designers Use Plastic to Design Outdoor Furniture

Let’s have a look at how HANS SANDGREN JAKOBSEN and Lars Vejen used plastic to make seating for public spaces that is durable, easy to move around and that you can transform both in shape and colour.

"Scalability and Modular Thinking"

FEBRUARY THEME - read latest article

Scaling the Business - Screening the Collaborators PART 3

As part of this month’s theme: Scalability and modular thinking, DANISH™ asked three Danish brands about their approach to human relations when in partnership with designers. "Metal fatigue" is something that needs to be avoided, they all agree upon  

Designs Transforming Purpose

Here at DANISH™, we are fascinated by flexibility and by products transforming their purpose from one thing to another and so we couldn´t restrain ourselves from sharing these seven remarkable designs with you. All of them Danish, naturally!

Scaling The Business – Screening the Collaborators PART TWO

DANISH™ asked three Danish brands what their expectations are when working in partnership with designers. Onecollection, Aviendo Fairy Tales and Mater highlight elements such as bringing new energy as well as brand understanding as key to a successful collaboration.

Living with Folding Furniture

Folding furniture is becoming increasingly popular as our living spaces become ever smaller. In this article, we take a closer look at some Danish designs that you can fold and put away or even hang on the wall.

Simple Designs with Endless Possibilities

Simple and elegant. That's often what you get from Danish design. But in this article, we look not only at designs that are simple and elegant but also modular and developed to fit specific needs and situations.

Public Spaces Turned Modular With Danish Design

Public spaces, like school halls, hospitals and hotel lobbies, might not necessarily remind you of innovative, inspiring, multifunctional design solutions, but the following Danish designs are trying to change that by combining modularity, functionality and simple design principles.

Scaling the Business - Screening the Collaborators PART ONE

As part of this month’s theme, DANISH™ created a virtual meeting between three Danish brands used to working with collaborators and thereby scaling their business.

Wastewater Warms Cold Commuters at Bus Terminal

Wastewater is a resource that the citizens and commuters of Kolding seem to embrace. The local energy company BlueKolding A/S who are running the project Powered By You is heating the benches of central bus terminal in Kolding with wastewater. And it doesn’t stop there.  

Architecture – Creating Value Beyond the Building

Tomorrow the exhibition RÅT opens. It showcases the projects of graduates from the Aarhus School of Architecture. DANISH™ went by the school´s rector Torben Nielsen for an interview about his vision for the school and the students.

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