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The Best of Danish Interior Icons

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Designing Experiences You Won’t Forget

An informative report from Cluster Square, part of Aarhus Festival 2017, from the cultural event design agency Culture Works.

"This anniversary is a reminder of the importance of good relations and of us having a history together. Whether it’s old or brand new isn’t important; the most important is the will and desire to support each other. If that’s established, you have a good foundation to build on your common story.”"

Lars Vejen, Danish designer

Open Door-Event Represent the Danish Way of BILTing

Join the world of BIM.

Japan States Quality

House of Finn Juhl collaborates with Japanese manufacturers to exceed the high expectations of quality.


Creativity World Forum

Are you ready to expand your creative horizon? Join us at this year's Creativity World Forum.

Last Day at BILT Europe 2017

Each day during BILT Europe, which is taking place in Aarhus, Denmark (the 2017 European capital of culture), DANISH™ will present the laughs, the knowledge and the gadget of the day.  

Essence of Day 2 at BILT Europe

The second day of BILT began with the ‘Glorious Gadgets’ function. For more than 30 minutes, the committee took the delegates through a fun yet serious journey examining new digital inventions. Some were related to the building industry, and some were just…new.  

Short Report on 1st Day at BILT Europe

With the opening  early this morning keynote speaker Anders Hvid, founder of DareDisrupt and co-founder of Singularity University in Denmark gave his take on digitalisation as a mindset and a challenge on how the building industry expects it self to be disruptive.

To Recognize a Home

Spaces for Life are seven different projects combining the best architectural aspects from healthcare institutions and your home to support patients battling cancer. Danish studio Cornelius Vöge designed the final project in the series and is getting set for the project launch.

Drawn Towards the Daylight

Yesterday, Løgismose celebrates the opening of a brand-new outlet in the international department store Illum in Copenhagen. The shop was designed by Jensen Retail and is a combination of a wine shop, a grocery shop and a food bar, and it was designed as an exploration of light.  

It Takes Courage!

“When using only digitalisation as an extension of your usual routines or to optimise your work processes is misunderstood, we have to dare to rethink our perception of businesses and branches to gain fully from the technological development,” stated Anders Hvid from Dare Disrupt. He is the keynote speaker at BILT Europe next week.

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