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OEO Studio and the Reason for Being

The path of OEO Studio is clear. They’ve always had the habit of pinning down their dreams and goals – and nothing is too big nor too small. Founder Thomas Lykke has lately been joking with the thought of designing a super-sonic airplane, as he says; “That would be fun – so far we’ve succeeded in fulfilling our dreams, so why not!”.

"Digital Times"

JUNE THEME - try our rebus puzzle

DANISH™ Rebus Puzzles

As the “Digital Times” theme of June keeps rolling on, here’s another little Friday snack for you in addition to last week’s jigsaw puzzle. This time it’s five rebus puzzles - give it a go!

The Short News on Architecture - June

A new book recently launched on the initiative of the “Danish Concrete” association explores 21 architectural successes made with concrete. The projects of Danish studios Henning Larsen Architects and Friis & Moltke are featured. In Scotland Gehl is part of a masterplan creating 50 houses a year over the next 30 years due to increased population.

DANISH™ Jigsaw Puzzle

In regards to the "Digital Times" theme of June, here's a little digital challenge to boost the mood. This puzzle has 16 pieces – and there’s a special prize waiting if you solve it!

Throwback Danish Design Festival 2018

In the rear mirror of Danish Design Festival we give you a short recap of some of the events that took place. Just makes you want to forward time to Danish Design Festival 2019.

Fascination of Old Times – Food

Throughout our ‘Old Versus New’ theme of May, we’ve dug into the fascination of old times, and now the art of cooking has caught our eyes. A Danish cookbook author and a rawfood restaurant manager also share their views on why the 2010s have become the decade where more people are preoccupied by what they are putting in their mouths.

Brick by Brick – From Hospital to University

New buildings aren’t always the answer to urban renewal. In Aarhus, Denmark, they try to breathe new life into old buildings by giving them a new purpose. AART architects are leading the team behind an ambitious project to transform the old Aarhus Municipal Hospital into a new campus site named The University Town.

When Design Creates Room for Art

The Danish design group Salto & Sigsgaard has decided to create a small video for the Danish Design Festival that is taking place these days. The design duo just recently finished their display of the Danish New Carlsberg Foundation – under the theme Transit, Store, Display.

Danish Design Award 2018

Too Good To Go, LEGO house, BIG, Danfoss, and Joe and the Juice were among the winners on Monday evening, when this year’s Danish Design Award trophies were awarded to the designers and companies behind the Danish design solutions in 15 categories.

Fascination of Old Times – Hi-Fi

DANISH™ has decided to take a look at a modern-day vinyl pressing plant and a cabinetmaker company in search of the answer as to why electronics and sound equipment from the past are experiencing such high interest at the moment.

Fascination of Old Times – Cars

Based in Assens, Denmark, the extraordinary car collection that is Strøjer Samlingen holds an outstanding number of classic design icons. DANISH™ swung by to talk to owner, Jørgen Strøjer Hansen, about his passion for old vehicles – Danish manufactured as well.

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