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ABC for the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018

Are you ready for the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018? Check out this ABC to make sure you don't miss out on the finest Danish design brands present at the fair in the Swedish capital.

Upside Down

By changing perspective and playing with form, Danish architects create unique shapes that make their architectural landmarks stand out. We took a closer look at Danish architecture that challenges the status quo.

"My designs are made to last 20, 30 or maybe 40 years! Buttons can always be pushed to add minor modern twists, but overall I want to design long-lasting products, instead of ever-changing collections."

Thomas Pedersen, Danish designer for Fredericia Furniture

How Architecture Can Challenge Status Quo

As a quick follow up on this month’s theme ”Challenging the status quo”, DANISH™ would like to highlight two different projects that in different ways challenge how people and communities can benefit from architecture daring to try out new ways of thinking  

Welcoming the New Clever Fellows into Business

What does the next generation of Danish architects and designers bring?

Finn Juhl in His Right Element

For a long time, Finn Juhl was part of the Onecollection family. But over the years, it became more and more obvious that Finn Juhl´s furniture appealed to a different audience than the rest of the furniture did within Onecollection and something had to be done. Hence, a new brand was established with the name House of Finn Juhl.

Zilmers Learns from Others to Improve Own Professional Palette

It's necessary to be on your toes and improve your skills if you want to stay in top of your league.

The Involver – A New Way of Co-creation

Strongly inspired by design thinking and a desire to enhance the interaction between employees, digital design agency Spring/Summer has developed a new method of unifying their working process. We hereby present The Involver.

Would or Wouldn't You Know Your Wood?

Are you a wood expert? Prove it!

4. Advent: Danish Design Adventures Abroad

Go see what's behind the last window in the advent calendar

The DANISH™ Guide to IMM Cologne

DANISH™ guides you around IMM Cologne - the international interiors show.

Top 10 Most Read Articles This Fall, part II

Revealing the five most read articles this fall.

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