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The Danish Touch

Danish architecture is famous around the world. But what makes Danish architects special today? To find out, DANISH™ asked an American and a Danish architect working at the Los Angeles office of Gensler, one of the world’s biggest architecture firms.

"Data in Design and Architecture"

NOVEMBER THEME - Intelligent Design

Staying True to a Design Icon

The original Kubus Candleholder was designed over five decades ago. Since then, it has evolved into an entire collection, while staying true to the original iconic design.

Three ways technology changes how we experience design and architecture

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two of the most hyped technologies right now. Two Danish tech-companies explain how VR and AR can benefit design and architecture:

Danish Design in Famous Movies and TV Shows

Hollywood set designers love Danish design. Just look at these screenshots from some hit movies and TV shows where Danish furniture and interior deco feature as prominent props or as stylish background items.

More Than Meets the Eye

Every now and then, a design delivers something more than you expected. A little surprise, something extra – something you didn’t know you needed. We’ve found five suggestions for you.

The Future of the Architect

What is the role of the architect today? How does it differ from that of the past and what lessons can we learn from the past? These are questions that JUUL | FROST Architects reflect upon in their newly released book Lifting the Gaze. This is their take on what may be required of architects in the future

Who let the dogs out?

Woof, woof – Aviendo Fairy Tales let them out. Because these three puppies are the latest in a line of Danish design figures inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. But wait, the dogs are more than just design trinkets.

To the Limit of Wood Veneer - and Beyond

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen set out to design a chair to support the human body as best as possible. The result is Daisy, a chair that uses the complex material 3D-Veneer. Here is how Daisy pressed veneer to its absolute limit.

Reflecting a Coastal Heritage

Every year, the Danish design company Bruunmunch choses a new exclusive location to shoot product photos for their current and upcoming collections. This year, the annual shoot was held at a Danish national landmark, the newly BIG-redesigned art museum, Tirpitz.

Long Live Tapestry

Heidi Zilmer does what very few people in the world do – she handcrafts tapestries, creating unique designs for the wall by hand. Using old techniques, she develops and creates stunning art that is custom-made for every client.

Designers by chance

Working as a designer does not always come from being educated as a designer. Mere necessity or a brilliant idea combined with the needs of the users can be the fundament of a new design company. DANISH™ dove into the background of four successful Danish design brands.

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