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Subtle contrasts are key

Danish architect, interior decorator and furniture designer Mads Emil Garde uses discrete contrasts to design state-of-the-art projects. His company is called GARDE. and no task is too big or too small – as long as scale-wandering is possible

"Real Living"


Passion for Function and Design

Danish design and manufacturing company Skovby Furniture has been around for quite some time. Their history goes back almost a century, and with their passion for natural materials they are known for creating innovative and functional designs for everyday use.

Brick by brick, existing buildings tell valuable stories

Transformation, as in renewing the purposes and structures of old buildings, is part of the business-strategy at AART architects. When preserving cultural history, architecture creates a social impact, with the final result often being even less expensive than building from scratch.

New multi-functional series from KISS

“Move me” from KISS makes it simple and fast to tidy up, keep track of your stuff and even easily move it with you as your home changes.

INVITATION: Trends & Traditions is back. You can register now

The largest meet & greet event in architecture and design in Denmark, hosted by HOLMRIS B8, is back on Thursday 2nd May 2019 – an event that brings together more than 3,000 professional visitors from design, architecture, and the building industry. State of Health will be this year’s focus and 130 exhibitors will take part in the event.

Made for Life

Working closely together with some of the last finishers in Denmark, the Danish design company Anour turn copper, brass, steel, aluminium, wood and marble into custom lighting for customers who want a unique lamp for life.

Another Big One from Fredericia

As a key figure in the Danish Modernism movement, Jens Risom is considered one of the very first designers to bring Danish Modernism to America. Three of his iconic designs are now being relaunched by Fredericia.

Double up for VE2 – The studio wins four German Design Awards!

Every once in a while, a designer receives the honour of being nominated for a design award and maybe even winning one. Danish design studio VE2 didn’t settle for just one mention, however. This year, the company won four German Design Awards and, although we are still in the early months of 2019, VE2 is already nominated for yet another!

Shaped for Humans

Danish design company MILLION has created a quite exquisite chair that uses technology to ensure the best human fit, but that still honours Danish design traditions.

A Bridge with a Majestic Wingspan

The new PONTO table by Troels Grum-Schwensen – GRUMDESIGN – is being presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Its pyramid-shaped legs support not only the tabletop, but also give the appearance of a bridge – hence the name. A talk with designer Troels Grum-Schwensen reveals the inspiration – and his fascination with the nature of flying.

Last Chance to Save the Planet

The open call for Prix BLOXHUB Interactive ends on February 15th – This is the last chance, to enter with an urban visionary solution that might just save the world.

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