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Celebrating Timeless Comfort

Widely acclaimed for its clean lines and minimalistic appearance, the KEVI Chair by Engelbrechts is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the launch of two brand new models: the KEVI 2533 and 2060.

"Data in Design and Architecture"


The Handmade Tale

The human hand may be the greatest tool ever. Just think about it. Whenever we want to distinguish a product as extraordinary, we tell people that it is made by hand. This is especially evident when talking about Swiss watches, Italian sports cars and bespoke suits. However, handmade quality is also important in the world of designer furniture, because, unique designs go hand in hand with skilled craftsmanship.

The Secret Behind the Picture-Perfect Picture

To you, it might just be an architectural picture, but to others it’s an artwork. Meet Kirstine Mengel, bronze winner at this year’s Le Prix de la Photographie, new member of DANISH™ and one of the photographers who makes the magic happen in her photos of the finest Danish designs.

A MILLION Ambitions Ahead

Danish design company MILLION has gained a lot of popularity during the brand’s relatively short lifetime. CEO and designer Jens Kajus takes us through the inspiration and working dynamics involved in establishing a successful business from the bottom.

Damn, this is smooth architecture

LOOP Architects designed a new distillery for Stauning Whisky. The result is five barns that frame the whisky experience for everyone to enjoy. Now, Morten Nymann of LOOP Architects gives us a close tour of the architectural details.

Creating Synergy Between the Arts and Business

CultureWorks, M2 Group, Aarhus Filmby and AARSON have established an ambitious cross-breed of corporate conferences and creative festivals. It’s a new Nordic platform, where artists and businesspeople can come to be inspired – They call it this.

How 3D Can Bring Down Barriers

Computer models do not necessarily make it easier to be a landscape architect, but they do provide a number of advantages. Here Schønherr tells how they use 3D models to aid better dialogue between architects and engineers.

New Data may revolutionize Interior Design

HOLMRIS B8 is testing a new method of collecting data. By using sensors in a workplace environment, the company gathers different information about the flow of people. The data may change the way we furnish our buildings in the future.

MOEBE: A Design Company on the Rise

In four years, MOEBE has gone from selling homemade frames to becoming a double-digit million business selling products in more than 30 countries around the globe. Anders Thams is one of the founding partners and here he explains the key to MOEBE’s success.

rewired: When Compromise is not an Option

rewired created a desk lamp: A well-designed piece of art, which simultaneously functions as a work tool. The company purposely delayed its production due to their philosophy of always aiming for exquisiteness. Now Satellite Desk is ready.

Editor's Pick on Architecture

The Editor of DANISH™ highlights five distinctive architectural firms to showcase the great diversity in Danish architecture.

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