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The Healing Architecture Behind the New Children’s Hospital – BørneRiget

Studies show that surroundings can have an effect on health, both positive and negative. So, when designing the new children’s hospital in Copenhagen, BørneRiget, healing architecture was one of the key principles from which the architects began their work.

Details spot on

As part of our tour de force around the power of details, DANISH™ invites you to take a look around you to find beautifully designed details. Let the light guide you...

How Your Home Becomes Your Atelier in Style

The times for exhibiting art on your white walls are over, if you ask Danish interior stylist Mikkel Kure. Instead your home can now become your atelier and your walls your canvas.

Sitecover Unparalleled

A solution that started out as providing cover at up-scale concerts in the entertainment industry is now entering the building industry with financial and other gains. Sitecover is the name.

This Carpet Guide Will Rug Your World

Whether it’s in your own home, in your office or you’re doing a bigger project, there are certain details you need to take into account when choosing the right carpet. We present this carpet guide on details you need to pay attention to when working with carpets.

Let Us Guide You Through Salone del Mobile.Milano

Just one week left until the 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano - the most important international event in the world of design and furnishing. Dive into our Danish™ guide of must-see Danish designers that are going to be there.

Water Leads the Way

Schønherr has designed one of the most ambitious climate adaptation projects in Denmark. The project was recently awarded the DANVA & Realdania Climate Award 2017 for the way it integrates water as part of the solution.

Danish Design Looking Out to Strengthen its DNA

Despite having a long and strong tradition within design, it is sometimes necessary to reach out to the world and get some help to define the essence of what it is that makes Danish design unique.

Attention to Detail Never Goes out of Fashion

The KEVI caster that is used on most movable furniture around the world was invented in the 1960s by Danish designer and architect Jørgen Rasmussen. A detail that revolutionised movable furniture and that is still viewed as the standard technology more than 50 years later.

Best Project Ever

With the theme Branding in Design and Architecture, we have, with the help of 5 selected design and architecture companies, compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Projects Ever that revolve around Brand Identity.

Materials – Looking for a Pattern

‘People have often said to me: ‘If you did it in plastic it would be much easier and cheaper’. But that is not what we want.' Working in everything from bamboo to copper, and with a focus on sustainability, the choice of material is an integral part of these three Danish design brands.

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