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The Physical Reflection of Learning

At Danish design studio Rosan Bosch, the physical reflection of learning is a key point, when designing innovative learning environments.

Playing at Work – Graffiti!

Meet Danish graffiti artist Andreas Welin: just because my working tool is a can and not a brush it doesn´t mean I wander around drawing ”dicks” on other people´s property!

"This anniversary is a reminder of the importance of good relations and of us having a history together. Whether it’s old or brand new isn’t important; the most important is the will and desire to support each other. If that’s established, you have a good foundation to build on your common story.”"

Lars Vejen, Danish designer

Takes on Architecture, part IV: Minimalism

In a series of articles, DANISH™ asks a group of experts to elaborate on different architectural parameters. This time our experts share their thoughts on minimalism

Takes on Design, part II: Møbel & Rum

According to the Danish designer behind Møbel & Rum, Christoffer Skjøtt, Good craftsmanship comes down to the user experiencing what the maker intended they should when interacting with the product. When designing or crafting a product, Skjøtt wants to create a story, through sight and touch, that evokes a personal connection between the product and the consumer.


Carpets Bring History to Life at Hotel Danmark

Feel the presence of history at the newly refurbished Hotel Danmark in central Copenhagen.

Smarter Kids Through Movement and Active Learning

Hopspots have made it possible to merge learning and movement.

2 Cool 4 School – Four Visionary Danish School Designs

No more outdated interior and damp class rooms! Take a look into four very visionary Danish schools.

Takes on Design, part I: Lars Vejen

The Danish designer Lars Vejen elaborates on five main principles of design, while discussing everything from materials to sustainability.

Empowering People Through Design

Design does many brilliant things, but these four Danish designs is indeed something special. They help people.

3 Danish-Designed Summer Essentials

All Danish design, the following summer essentials will make everything go more smoothly.

Top 10 Most Read Articles This Spring

Summer calls for something vibrant and sparkling! We´ve wrapped up those ten articles that´s been most engaging and gained the most reach this spring. We hope you enjoy it!

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