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We are Sad to Say Goodbye

Dear users of DANISH™, it is with equal amount of sorrow and vexation that we have to announce the closure of DANISH™. We wish to send you all a great THANK YOU for following us, and for reading and commenting on our stories and for being part of our community.  

"Public Design – Institutions/ museums/open to the public"


Photographing Interior Design

For Danish architectural and interior photographer Kirstine Mengel, it is all about obtaining the perfect amount of simplicity to really showcase an object. These are her thoughts on what makes or breaks a picture, and how you can improve your photography skills at home.

New Product Collection from Anour

Anour continues providing the highest level of craftsmanship with a new lamp, which is made from a perfect cylindrical solid brass body with a mouthblown opal glass shade – this allows the user to experience a beautiful shape emitting a soft glow of light.

Public Design – Big and Small Scale

Whenever you are in the public space, you are part of experiences, products and planning made for public use. DANISH™ zooms in on two projects at each end of the scale as representatives of public design made by Danish hands.

Fusing Japanese and Nordic Sensibilities

In the heart of Tokyo, just a few minutes north of the imperial palace, in the neighbourhood of Iidabashi, you’ll find something rather special. Something that fuses Japanese and Nordic sensibilities into an experience beyond anything else.

Crafting a Better Future

Encouraging young adults to thrive and find success in life isn’t a simple task to take on – Despite this, craftsman and designer Heidi Zilmer is doing exactly that, right now, in Greenland with “Project Sanasa.”

Flexible Cities of the Future

Whether an idea for a solution comes from an art-conceptual water installation or the usage of data-logging and internet-of-things technology, the future architect has to be creative to think of flexible solutions that automatically accommodate the needs of the individual, when they enter a certain area or space.

Design with a Nordic Approach

Whether Danish designer Ulrik Nordentoft is doing product design in a smaller scale or completing entire interior decorations within the field of hospitality two characteristics are always present: he is true towards his nordic heritage and he prefers collaborational creativity in close relation with the customer.

Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality

With a design philosophy that is pragmatic honest and hands on, Danish designer Ulrik Nordentoft has been creating stunning products and interior designs for more than two decades.

Take on the World, Locally

Sculptured by the wind and stirring sands on the western coasts of Denmark, the Danish furniture company Bruunmunch creates stunning furniture formed by the raw nature, ready to take on the world.

A Deep Dive into Social Responsibility

Housing, Education, Hospitals, Caretaking, and Interior and Design are the five areas in which, as of this year, FRIIS & MOLTKE will be able to offer increased expertise. The five areas are already what the company is renowned and acknowledged for and are chosen due to their interaction with society and the people living in it.

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