The DANISH™ Approach
DANISH™ promotes Danish design and architecture internationally.

Who are we?

DANISH™ is an online platform promoting Danish design and architecture. DANISH™ was launched in 2014 with support from Markedsføringsfonden (the Marketing Fund), the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth and the Region of Southern Denmark. From 2016, ownership of DANISH™ is transferred to the cluster organization D2i – Design to innovate.

D2i is a design cluster that generates business development and growth in companies by means of design.

What do we do?

DANISH™  promotes Danish design and architecture through this online platform and various social media platforms. Our aim is to show what it is that makes Denmark one of the leading societies within the field of design and architecture.

We help Danish design companies, designers and architects gain even more international visibility through their presence in our online magazine. Wish to join us? Please send us an e-mail.

We welcome journalists to seek inspiration in our articles and to familiarise themselves with all the inspiring companies in our portfolio.

Why stop there?

We also arrange international press tours in order to connect journalists with Danish designers and architects. Another focal point for us is producing exhibitions and events that help promote Danish architecture.