The 10 Most Beautiful Pictures of Danish Architecture


10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture 12

Photo by OREV and Torben Petersen

2010 vs. 2016 – and still growing strong!


10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture 11

Photo by Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST


10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture 10

Photo by CEBRA partner og arkitekt MAA Mikkel Frost


10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture 09

Photo by Hufton + Crow


10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture 08

Photo by Adam Mørk


10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture 07

Photo by Adam Mørk


10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture 02

Photo by Kontraframe

Voss Secondary School designed by AART Architects.


10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture 05

Photo by Torben Eskerod


10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture 04

Photo by Adam Mørk

The Bestseller office complex in Aarhus designed by C.F. Møller.


10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture 01

Photo by Jens Lindhe


We have, with help from a number of Danish architectural firms, compiled a list of the 10 most beautiful pictures of Danish architecture. Get lost in these beautiful pictures, and then read about the visions behind each project.


Photo by OREV and Torben Petersen

Unlike buildings that – roughly speaking – go into their decay phase the second they are built, the life of a green urban space only truly starts after its ‘completion’. SLA A/S’s The City Dune/SE Bank is a good example of how nature-based design develops over time and creates value for a long time after the architects have finished their job: Here, the first photo was taken when the project was completed in 2010; the second, in 2016. Read more

COBE / Gottlieb Paludan Architects

Photo by Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST

Nørreport Station, renovated by Danish architectural companies COBE and Gottlieb Paludan Architects, is the busiest station in Denmark with roughly 250,000 people bustling through it daily. Nørreport Station is composed of a series of rounded, floating roofs, mounted on striking glass pavilions. A study of pedestrians’ preferred routes formed the basis for the station’s new design, providing an open and welcoming public space with specific thought directed to the needs of cyclists and pedestrians. Read more


Photo by CEBRA partner og arkitekt MAA Mikkel Frost

The Aabybro School with four parallel building sections for approx. 1,100 children is located on two separate, yet closely connected sites, 250 m apart. Despite this physical separation, the school needed to function and be perceived as one unified whole. Therefore, the design uses one large basic shape that is cut in half and shifted. Read more

Henning Larsen Architects

Photo by Hufton + Crow

This 16,000 m2 museum is uniquely located in the hilly landscape of Skåde, south of Aarhus. With its sloping roofscape of grass, moss and flowers in bright colours, the building will appear as a powerful visual landmark, perceptible even from the sea. Read more

Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

Photo by Adam Mørk

Hubhult is IKEA’s new global meeting centre and workspace – home to 1,000 employees. From the overall geometry to the technical detail, the design task was to create optimum energy efficient and sustainable solutions. Read more


Photo by Adam Mørk

Royal Arena is placed at Øresund in Southern Copenhagen. The purpose of the building is to attract thousands of people to Copenhagen to contribute to the overall economy. Hence, the Arena is supposed to function as a state-of-the-art and flexible venue offering spectators a unique world-class experience. Royal Arena is expected to be completed in early 2017. Read more

AART architects

Photo by Kontraframe

The new Voss Secondary School allows learning spaces to embrace the scenic landscape of Voss in the heart of Fjord Norway. The spectacular surroundings taking in the clear lakes, vast forests and rugged mountains are translated into the form and content of the 11,500 m2 school, with a view that truly stimulates the 400 students’ well-being. The project is being carried out by the two architectural companies Nordic and AART architects. Read more

JJW Architects

Photo by Torben Eskerod

The South Harbour School in Copenhagen is a new public school with a maritime and public profile, also inviting its neighbours and reaching out to the city as it aims to become an active and socially sustainable part of its new community. JJW Architects designed South Harbour with the understanding that schools are equally places for learning and for social exchange. Read more

C.F. Møller

Photo by Adam Mørk

The BESTSELLER office complex comprises a varied flotilla of buildings on different levels connected by a series of outdoor spaces, e.g. courtyards, terraces and roof gardens. The mixture of office buildings and outdoor spaces creates the impression that this is a town within a town. The complex, surrounded by canals and lakes on all four sides, forms the entrance to the new, urban district at the waterfront in Aarhus, Denmark. Read more


Photo by Jens Lindhe

Everywhere at Herning Gymnasium visitors can view high quality art, as a result of a clear priority from the school management. The art here is essential and indispensable. Grønnegården, designed and developed by architects Schoenherr, aims to live up to the school’s artistic vision. Grønnegården is a closed courtyard built around clean and geometric principles and forms. Read more


The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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