3XN Designs the New Headquarters for the International Olympic Committee





The International Olympic Committee’s new headquarters will be in Lausanne on the bank of Lake Geneva on a 24,000 square metre site. 3XN was selected to design the headquarters after an international architectural competition. The new building will bring together 600 employees.

The old headquarters are located in a historic château, the Château de Vidy, and 3XN took the legacy and history into consideration when designing the new headquarter, which will be adjacent to the château.

“In recognition of the symbolism of the Olympic Games and the needs of the organisation, we designed the new headquarters around three key elements: movement, flexibility and sustainability,” says Jan Ammundsen, Senior Partner with 3XN. He continues: “With its dynamic, undulating façade, the building will appear different from all angles and convey the energy of an athlete in motion. Its interior is designed with as few structural constraints as possible. This open and flexible environment will adapt to multiple work styles now and in the future. Our design is also intended to encourage interaction, communication and knowledge sharing among staff”.

The entire building is designed with respect for the site and with a main focus on sustainability. The building features many energy efficient systems, including lake water pumping, photovoltaics and daylight optimisation.

The new headquarters are part of the ’Olympic Agenda 2020’ – we look forward to seeing them completed.

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