Beautiful framing of precision and poetry at Designmuseum Denmark


BMW at Designmuseum Denmark


designers thoughts on future mobility in the present


future mobility model


future mobility sketch


In cooperation with BMW, renowned designer Alfredo Häberli will showcase a compelling installation that tackles the idea of future mobility at a conceptual level. The exhibition will open on 12 May 2016, and it will be on display at Designmuseum Denmark throughout the summer of 2016.

Based on the BMW Design leitmotif “Precision & Poetry”, the Zurich-based designer has embarked on a thought journey that begins with childhood memories, sketches and formal studies. It ends with a large-scale model and leads to a spatial installation that allows viewers to experience the designers thoughts on future mobility in the present.

A gigantic wooden model

The focus of the exhibition is a wooden, ribbed model that is ten metres long and four metres high. The model translates the theme of future mobility into an avant-garde form with impressive precision. With its diverse format and dimensions, the installation invites observers on an individual journey into the mobile future. The model will be displayed in Designmuseum Denmark’s beautiful surroundings alongside work sketches and smaller models created as part of the artist’s process.

As part of the project, Häberli has looked deep into the BMW Group’s creative laboratories and archives and has taken part in model workshops. Using his extensive knowledge of materials, he has translated reflections on the future of mobility into a poetic, free form.
‘The installation is a three-dimensional discourse on the “Precision and Poetry” theme, and it’s my personal response to the “luxury” theme’, says Häberli.

With contact to Denmark

Häberli is an established designer based out of Zurich. His portfolio includes industrial designs in a variety of scales as well as international architectural projects. He is quite familiar with leading Danish companies, such as Kvadrat and Georg Jensen, which he has worked with on more than one occasion.

The exhibition at Designmuseum Denmark open on Thursday, 12 May 2016. Visit for more information.

Häberli’s futuristic perspectives on mobility were created for Milan’s major design event, the Salone del Mobile, and they were exhibited for the first time in 2015.

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