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Frandsen Project did the lighting

Photo by Francisco Nogueira


Amerikanlinjen in Norway

Photo by Francisco Nogueira


Amerikanlinjen Oslo

Photo by Francisco Nogueira


Corridor rooms at Amerikalinjen

Photo by Francisco Nogueira


The Jazz bar at Amerikalinjen

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The Restaurant of Amerikalinjen. Lighting done by Frandsen Project

Photo by Francisco Nogueira


Chandelier at Amerikalinjen

Private photo

by Martin Rønsholt Thomsen


Frandsen Project has customized lamps for the exquisite Boutique Hotel in Oslo’s Amerikalinjen, which is hosted by Nordic Choice Hotels in the renovated building of the first transatlantic ferry-line going from Oslo to New York.

1919 meets 2019 in Oslo, Norway, at a hotel created with a historical reference to the original heritage of the building. This heritage is the story of how the first transatlantic voyage took place in 1913 on the Kristianiafjord, transporting 1800 passengers from Oslo to New York. Over time, some 900,000 emigrants departed on the so-called Norwegian-American Line, and then later in the twentieth century it was renamed The American Line and transformed into a luxury cruise brand.

For a long time, the building that is now a hotel called Amerikalinjen (The American Line) was the main office for the shipping company.

“This project has been amazing to be part of”, says Sales Director Martin Rønsholt Thomsen from Frandsen Project, and continues:

“The attention to detail that everyone has had to pay throughout the entire process, because of the age and beauty of this building, has made it really fun and interesting to work with”.

Recently, Nordic Choice Hotels took over the building and joined forces with a Scandinavian contingent to transform this old office building into accommodation designed for locals as well as tourists. Danish lighting experts Frandsen Project were responsible for customizing the lighting – in collaboration with Nordic Property Management – for the hallways and corridors, the restaurant and the jazz bar, as well as for all corridors of the 122 rooms.

As Martin Rønsholt Thomsen is explaining about Amerikalinjen, he refers in particular to the lighting created for the corridors of the 122 rooms:

“In order to create simplicity and calmness for the eye of the beholder, we individually have been forced to measure the height of the ceiling in each room corridor, to make sure that everything in the end would be aligned. That´s how alive this building is”, he smiles.

For the corridors alone, Frandsen Project therefore customized eight different heights of lighting.


Fun collaboration

Frandsen Project created the lighting on a brief from the Finnish company Puroplan, and worked closely with the famous Norwegian glass-manufacturer Hadeland. A hundred years ago, Hadeland was the glass manufacturer that provided the ships on the American Line with everything from champagne glasses to lighting:

“My favourite lamp in this project would be the one designed for the corridors. Firstly, CHOICE dares to make a choice of designs with character. Next up, the material is high-end quality, which manages to provide this characteristic lamp with a subtleness that suits the hallways really nicely and with strong references to earlier days”, says Martin Rønsholt Thomsen.

He describes the collaboration with Nordic Choice Hotels as fun and dynamic and adds ‘pragmatic’ as well:

“When the brief is to create a chandelier only with multiple bulbs and metal, yet only hanging from a very few wires, a dialogue on how expression and functionality blend together in the best way is neccessary. This has been easy with Nordic Choice Hotels and the team involved”.


Reciprocal relationship

For Nordic Property Management – in terms of how the transformation of the building into a hotel was handled – the feeling towards Frandsen Project is mutual:

“While developing Amerikalinjen, it has been the focal point for us as well as for Finnish company Puroplan, who were the designers responsible for creating a vivid boutique-style hotel that targets the modern explorer in the remarkable spaces of the Norwegian-American Line. In collaborations with chosen partners, we have worked towards writing new chapters in the story of the American Line”, states Jørgen Hveding Eeg, Director at Nordic Property  Management, and continues:

“Similar to the collaboration with glass manufacturer Hadeland, who created champagne glasses at that time and now for the hotel, it was equally natural for us to create a compilation of lighting for the hotel with historical reference which showcased a top-quality design and the best technique and functionality available. The choice we made together with Puroplan was simple: handmade glass bulbs and lighting customized and produced by Frandsen Project. Together we have made iconic lamps all with the common purpose of preparing for the next part of the journey for this amazing building”.

He points out how the choice of working with Frandsen Project on the American Line, where only the best would be sufficient, was an easy one for Nordic Property Management:

“Frandsen Project are experts at creating customized products, and the result at Amerikalinjen speaks for itself”, ends Jørgen Hveding Eeg.








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