A New Table Lamp is Born




All work by Friis & Moltke


Lamp by Friis & Moltke

All work by Friis & Moltke


lamp by F&M

All work by Friis & Moltke


rendering by F&M

All work by Friis & Moltke



All work by Friis & Moltke


Drawing lamp

All work by Friis & Moltke


Drawing by F&M

All work by Friis & Moltke


Example lamp

All work by Friis & Moltke



All work by Friis & Moltke


Picture by F&M

Picture by F&M


Elegant simplicity designed to stand the test of time – thanks to both durable materials and a timeless look.

These are the core values of a new table lamp brand by rewired at Frandsen Project, renowned for designing customised hotel lighting all over the world for the last 40 years.

The upcoming new product by rewired is a fine example – created in collaboration with Danish architectural firm Friis & Moltke.

‘When developing a new product, two things are ever present. First, our uncompromising approach to the development process from hand sketch to complete lamp fixture. For example, we have great patience in finding a perfect, and preferably local, sub-supplier or component regardless of how long it takes. Second, a product has to fit the rewired culture of a precise and modern design. We use our gut feeling more than anything to determine if a product should be realised or not. The great thing about working with Friis & Moltke is that they share most of these points, and our design thinking is the same,’ says the director of both rewired and Frandsen Project, Thomas Hansen.

The brief was to create a table lamp that is both decorative in its own right and suitable for use in offices as well as private homes.

‘The desire to create an innovative lamp design that combines function and aesthetics was the motivation behind rewired’s development. Our starting point was the visual design – it was crucial for us that everyone involved was into the look of the lamp. After this began the actual development of the lamp,’ explains Mikkel Bahr, Creative Director at the architectural studio.

He continues, ‘The result is a lamp of high quality with specific settings and the possibility of dimming the light. The details have been very important for us: from the massive screw to the perfect welding and the special coating – these are all elements that in combination with one another create a unique lighting solution.’

The magnificent finish and simple, minimal look of the lamp make it possible for the lamp to represent different types of architecture and spacial intersections. It can be used in the home office, hotel rooms or in private homes. The possibilities are endless.

Together with rewired, we are really looking forward to presenting our new lamp.

As with all other rewired designs, the new table lamp is not only developed in Denmark, but also locally produced: the aluminum shade is produced in a metal workshop not far from the rewired office. Only the LED elements are imported from neighbouring Sweden.

‘We really appreciate the fact that we are only a short drive away from our manufacturers. This makes the development process quick and easy, plus we can control the quality of our lamps in detail. For us, that is the essence of Danish design,’ states Director Thomas Hansen.

The new lamp from rewired and Friis & Moltke will be available in shops from early 2018.

The two companies will be reaching out to their customers through Instagram to choose the right name for the lamp in January 2018, stay tuned….

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