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The ONE+ housing system comprises four different sizes: 10, 15, 20 and 25 square metres.


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The ONE+ module by Add a Room was exhibited next to the Pakhus 48 in the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen.


Photo credit Karl Anderson

The ONE+ module is designed by Danish architect Lars Frank Nielsen.


Photo credit Karl Anderson

Danish interior stylist Tine Mouritsen decorated the indoor of the ONE+ module house.


Photo credit Karl Anderson

Interior stylist Tine Mouritsen graduated in 2000 and started her own company in 2006.


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Add a Room has showrooms in Ebeltoft, Denmark.


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The ONE+ housing system is made out of sustainable materials from Scandinavia.


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Add a Room's ONE+ modular housing system is insulated either as a summerhouse or a permanent house.


During 3 Days of Design, Danish housing brand Add a Room exhibited their ONE+ housing module next to Pakhus 48 in the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen. Designed by Lars Frank Nielsen, Danish architect and co-founder of Danish architect firm 3XN, the modular ONE+ can be linked together with other ONE+ modules to create larger living spaces.

Danish interior stylist Tine Mouritsen was responsible for performing interior styling of the exhibited ONE+ module for 3 Days of Design. Comprising 20 square metres, the exhibited module can accommodate a family of four with compact, flexible solutions, such as the multifunctional IO Bunk Pod from IO Kids Design and a small fireplace designed by Danish designers Bo Bonfils and Jane Reumert. In addition, the ONE+ module was styled with furniture from Woud, lamps from Vasanthi and garden furniture from Trip Trap. This illustrates that it is possible to live well in small, engineered, constructed spaces.

Tine Mouritsen graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Department of Building, Space & Furniture in 2000. She has worked with various projects involving furniture, design and interior design since graduating, and in 2006, she started her own company, Tine Mouritsen ApS.

“When I was asked if I wanted to style and decorate the ONE+ module that was exhibited at 3 Days of Design, I thought, ‘I would love to!’ I did not need to think about it. I have admired the housing system for a long time—the concept and the simplicity by which it solves a need, the opportunities of positioning it in the landscape and the architecture. The challenge with decorating 20 square metres was not hard to solve as my overall idea was to create two zones—one for kids and one for adults—combined with an atmosphere of calmness and warmth through my choice of colours and composition of materials,” says Mouritsen.

The ONE+ mini-houses are based on a rectangular-shaped building. The modules, which are each 3 metres wide, come in four different sizes: 10, 15, 20 and 25 square metres. In addition, the modules come with everything from kitchens, WCs and showers to bunk beds and wardrobes. For the exterior, you can choose to install verandas, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and showers, all of which can be merged inside or outside.

According to Add a Room, the ONE+ modular housing system is energy efficient thanks to sustainable windows from Velfac, which feature aluminium outside and a wood profile inside, and a slim frame that lets in more natural daylight. ONE+ modules can be insulated to serve as either a summerhouse or a permanent house, both of which have electricity installed within the house. The dark kernel pine floors inside are aligned with a Superwood veranda floor.

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