How Architecture Can Challenge Status Quo


BIG building science city

Rendering by BIG architects


Courtesy of BIG


Biological house by entileen arcjhitects

Biological House by Entileen architects


Biological House

Biological House by Entileen architects


Biological House by Entileen

Biological House by Entileen architects


Biological House from outside


Outside biological house


Brohave by Entileen architects

House at Brohave Denmark


House by the sea


Inside House by the Sea


Inside Brohave Beach house


Courtesy of Dubai Media Office

Courtesy of Dubai Media Office


Oslo Home Een til Een

Courtesy of Een til Een


Rendering Oslo Home

Courtesy of Een til Een


Courtesy of BIG

Courtesy of BIG


BIG building Mars City in the dessert

Courtesy of BIG architects


As a quick follow up on this month’s theme ”Challenging the status quo”, DANISH™ would like to highlight two different projects that in different ways challenge how people and communities can benefit from architecture daring to try out new ways of thinking


BIG building science city

Rendering by BIG architects


BIG to build the world´s largest Mars simulator in the UAE

United Arab Emirates leaders have selected BIG to build the largest ever space simulation city in the UAE desert, a destination which will mimic the conditions of life on Mars.

Covering 1.9 million square feet, the ‘Mars Science City’ project will provide a realistic model to simulate life on the surface of the red planet. A series of domed structures will host laboratories for food, energy and water, agricultural testing and studies about food security, as well as a museum displaying humanity’s greatest space achievements. The Mars Science City project falls within the UAE’s objectives to lead the global scientific race to take people to Mars. It is also part of the Mars 2117 Strategy, launched during the fifth World Government Summit, which seeks to build the first settlement on Mars within the next 100 years.

Recently, founding partner of BIG, architect Bjarke Ingels was interviewed on the matter:

”There will be a presence of Mars on Earth to begin with, and then eventually there will be a presence of Earth on Mars – it´s incredibly exciting”, CLAD magazine qouoted him in October 2017.

Mars Science City will include food, energy and water labs as well as agricultural testing and research into food security.

In addition to this the city will have a museum displaying ”humanity´s greatest space achievements”, with educational areas to engage young people.

Oslo Home Een til Een

Courtesy of Een til Een

Print your House

Danish architecture and building company EentilEen designs, produces and builds sustainable houses using the digital concept Buildr. Every building is designed using 3D technology and erected in wooden, intelligent modules that create a sustainable house combined with unique architecture, with all the houses also fully integrated with natural ventilation, passive solar heating and breathable, natural materials.

By building your house in wood, you not only spare the climate from a good amount of CO2, the material also allows you to build without a vapour barrier, so you don´t have to live in a plastic bag. All the wood used is fully certified wood.

On a more basic note, the building drawings are converted from a 3D file with all the information on the project transferred to the production files. After this, all the components of the house are cut in the company´s workshop. This ensures high precision and a minimal amount of waste. Every module is engraved with specific numbers. Precise digital control eliminates all the conventional errors and mistakes that could normally occur in a building procedure and secures a tight build.

The printed house is said to have one of the lowest C02 footprints within the building industry.







The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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