Architecture and Sports Unite at Vestre Fjord Park


Vestre Fjord Park, 4

Photo: Lars Holm

Landsstævne at its finest


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Photo: Lars Holm

Beach handball at the new fjord park


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Copyright: ADEPT

Vestre Fjord Park is a collaboration between ADEPT and GHB.


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Photo: Lars Holm

Vestre Fjord Park framed the beach volley events at the DGI Sport and Cultural Festival


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Copyright: ADEPT

ADEPT and GHB has worked together to design the new fjord park in Aalborg.


Every four years, 25,000 people crowd together to participate in the DGI Sport and Cultural Festival also known as Landsstævnet. This year’s festival took place in and around the city of Aalborg, and many of the workshops were held in the newly opened Vestre Fjord Park designed by ADEPT/GHB.

“Vestre Fjord Park is Aalborg’s new recreational centre. It is a hub for the city’s outdoor activities and active communities at the very edge of the Limfjord. The fjord park is an attractive location for all kinds of water activities and sports, and it is in a beautiful landscape setting,” says Martin Laursen, founding partner and architect at ADEPT.

A run-down outdoor swimming pool was transformed into a cool, welcoming rendezvous focusing on physical activity, learning, nature and recreation. The renewal of Vestre Fjord Park has been two years in the making and it was put to the test last weekend, when the DGI Sport and Cultural Festival took place.

During the DGI Sport and Cultural Festival, Vestre Fjord Park was the centre of several activities such as sea kayaking, beach volley, triathlon and even floating badminton. One of the participants was Hjalte Gregersen, 23. He went to the fjord park to explore its diving facilities.

“The fjord park works so well. The wooden structures are stable, the water is deep enough for diving and it just feels good to be out there,” he says and elaborates:

“Compared to the platform I usually use, which is on a floating structure, it’s nice to use a permanent solution. You simply feel safer when you don’t have to worry about the wind conditions. And then the area around the fjord park is just cool – I really enjoyed it.”

The mission of the DGI festival is to bring people together through sport, movement and music as a way of celebrating the joy of life and diversity. This harmonises very well with how Vestre Fjord Park was originally designed.

“Vestre Fjord Park is for everyone and for all ages. It is a meeting point, a community centre for local associations and a place to relax and to enjoy nature and the landscape – and just a place merely to be together,” explains Martin Laursen, before he continues his discussion about the festival:

“The idea that many events and activities can take place at the same time and that you can be a participant no matter your level is central to the experience of Vestre Fjord Park too. You can participate in an activity or be a spectator – it is a space that brings people together.”

After trying out the fjord park throughout the weekend, Hjalte Gregersen is sure that it will work as intended by the architects.

“Even though there are still some rough spots, such as where the grass hasn’t grown yet, the atmosphere there was just amazing. If you’re not into water sports, there’s also plenty of space where you can hang out, chill and enjoy the area,” he finishes.


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