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Courtesy of Ulrik Nordentoft Studio


Courtesy of Ulrik Nordentoft Studio


Courtesy of Ulrik Nordentoft Studio



Courtesy of Ulrik Nordentoft Studio


Courtesy of Stelton


With a design philosophy that is pragmatic honest and hands on, Danish designer Ulrik Nordentoft has been creating stunning products and interior designs for more than two decades.

Ulrik Nordentoft started his own design studio in 1997 and has been designing products and interiors ever since. He has designed small objects, like the Pantone series, and provided furniture for the interior of Michelin-starred restaurants – and everything in between.

For Ulrik designing, is something truly special,

“Everything starts with an idea and a shape. From there, I sketch up and work with prototypes until everything comes together in perfect balance. And that special moment, when everything succeeds, that’s the moment I like the most,” says Ulrik Nordentoft, designer and owner of Ulrik Nordentoft Studio.

Pure Black
For Stelton, Ulrik Nordentoft designed the Pure Black knife series, consisting of five knifes all made from one piece of solid steel.

“Designing the Pure Black knife series started with the chef’s knife. The idea was to shape a knife in a free-flowing form, where the handle and blade would come from one piece of high-graded steel and to make it in pure black,” says Ulrik Nordentoft

Another product series designed for Stelton is the Emma series, which started with a thermos, and today consists of 57 products inspired by the 1950s and in a colour palette representative of the Nordics.

“The initial idea was to create a steel pot with a feminine touch and a wooden handle – This, combined with the shape and contours of the edge that flows naturally into a spout, allows the design to come together as one,” Ulrik Nordentoft ends.

Courtesy of Stelton

Both the Pure Black and Emma series were not initially intended as a product series, but popularity and demand made it possible to expand them both into their own series.

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