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Guest blog written by Jensen Retail

You are not a customer – you are a very welcome guest and we have been looking forward to spoiling you! This is the foundation of the groundbreaking concept that Jensen Retail Group have created with for their very first physical customer universe travelling from online to offline.

“We wanted to create a total experience that completely separates itself from all the other beauty concepts on the market. An experience where’s high standards, when it comes to service, are translated into a whole new platform, where they can actually meet their customers”, Creative Director of Jensen Retail Group, Thomas Jensen, explains.

The total experience has been composed so that the customers – no, the guests – should feel drawn to explore the shop from beginning to end. A giant handmade brass chandelier floating over the shop’s little perfumery lures your gaze into the depths of the room, where the mood is different from the entrance. That kind of visual surprise is just one amongst many, as their small luxurious pockets are incorporated in the interior design that invite the guests to feel at home; with enclosing furniture to hang out in and small aesthetic ‘pauses’ in the decor, it makes you want to stretch out the visit in the shop a little while longer.

The facade of the shop in the traditional shopping center Ro’s Torv in Roskilde, Denmark clearly indicates that something new and different is going on inside the deep room behind the luminous brass fan of the entrance. In here, customers are transformed into guests, who are about to be spoiled – and literally all senses are called into play in the process. Visually the shop design draws references to both classic shopping centers in the European metropolises and to a luxurious hotel interior you feel like hanging out in all day.

“We have aimed for an undefined feeling that you enter into in an exquisite hotel. It has been a clear goal for us in relation to the shape and depth of the shop that you can not overcome it all at once, and instead we have created a visual division, where you move into small exclusive compartments you feel comfortable in. By creating these different experience zones and ‘spaces’ in the shop, where there is time to think and to sense the products better, we have created a feeling of being in an exclusive walk-in closet. It is the intention that you forget the fact that you are in a shop and start feeling like an appreciated guest in an exquisite home”, Thomas Jensen explains.

When it comes to style, the design clearly carries references to the art deco period’s decadent universe, where materials like brass, glass and velour are in dialogue with a sharp geometric design language. The colors are deep, and along with the soft fabrics on the floors and walls, they create a pronounced sensuality and a feminine expression that is a sharp contrast to the rest of the shopping center.

“We decided to go with this style and aesthetic because it is a clear contradiction to’s online universe in all possible ways. The materials refer to something great, classic and very sensual and add a special atmosphere and spirit to the shop – without necessarily being able to define it. Time is meant to stand still while you are visiting the shop”, Thomas Jensen says.



Photo by Jensen Retail

For Jensen Retail Group, it has been extremely important to create physical surroundings that let the products shine. For this purpose, Jensen Retail Group has designed an interior that gives the products the space they need, but with a clear focus on the aesthetic and cozy universe Beauty by represents.

“We have staged the brands in a room that matches their own greatness, but in their very own way. Along with that, we have speculated a lot about how we could remove the traditional distance there often is between customers and the exclusive beauty products behind the desk. Our solution is a version of old-school archives, namely the black shelves, which are the surroundings that are available for both the individual brands and the customers. The light shelves in brass and glass make up the more flexible zones that are open and inviting from all sides, as they are a very stylish element with a clear aesthetic”, Thomas Jensen says.

In the new shop the moment of purchase is toned down, and the interior meets a more discreet and personal flow, where employees are floating around like present hosts and hostesses. The shop’s only cash register is integrated in a piece of aesthetic furniture, and guests should preferably pay through the handheld solutions the staff are wearing.

“It must be a welcoming, luxurious and pampering experience, whether you are buying anything or not. Everything is designed to welcome that feeling – from the interior, lightning and choice of materials to the cash register solution, packaging and brass badge on the chest of the employee’s designer uniform. Because that is what physical retail can create; an atmosphere of courtesy and service that builds trust and credibility. And that is the feeling the customers hopefully bring along with them into the online universe”, Thomas Jensen concludes.

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