Behind the Scenes of ‘Interference’


Kollision interference1

Photo by Kollision


Kollision interference2

Photo by Kollision


Commissioned by Design City Kolding, the Danish design office Kollision completed a project called ‘Interference’, an interactive tunnel in Kolding, Denmark. “Architecture has always had a will to communicate; and in some cases a specific aim – from the sculptural ancient architectural reliefs, over postmodern figurative elements, to current digital urban media” says Rune Nielsen, Partner in Kollision.

Interference is based on the idea that urban life is characterised by two opposing trends: an urge to belong and be part of a community and an opposing desire to be alone and anonymous in the middle of the rush. The tunnel is a social space shared by people walking through the tunnel. As you walk through the 36-metre long tunnel a space of light is activated in front of you and follows you through the tunnel until you leave. When more people enter the tunnel at the same time, a dynamic space of light will appear between them, enhancing the surroundings and the interference between them.

Spaces like ‘Interference’ help make our cities more varied and meaningful.

This video shows the tunnel in the making.



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