Best Project Ever


FRIIS & MOLTKE Løvhusene i NYE


FRIIS & MOLTKE Løvhusene i NYE


Thors Design high table


Lars Vejen SAIBI cups


Lars Vejen Japan Denmark SAIBI cups


Lars Vejen SAIBI cups


Lars Vejen Wool Furoshiki


møbel & rum SMOCK cushion


møbel & rum SMOCK cushion


møbel & rum SMOCK cushion


Hans Sandgren Jakobsen Twist and Turn


Thors Design Gaia Lewis Building


Hans Sandgren Jakobsen Twist and Turn


Hans Sandgren Jakobsen Twist and Turn


With the theme Branding in Design and Architecture, we have, with the help of 5 selected design and architecture companies, compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Projects Ever.  It is all about the Brand identity of the company, which is the collection of all brand elements that the company creates to portray the right image of itself to the consumer.

Let yourself be inspired by Danish design and architecture at its best. 



For FRIIS & MOLTKE ARCHITECTS,  their best recent project to represent their brand identity is Løvhusene i NYE, which has just won the WAN Awards in the Future Projects / Residential category.

“We believe that the Løvhusene is a good example of the spirit and approach that goes on in our work. We strive to create good architecture based on a humanistic approach and with close contact with the surrounding community and nature. An approach and value set we have practiced since the start of the studio.”

FRIIS & MOLTKE Løvhusene i NYE


With their unceasing desire to reach the UK market over the past few years, Thors Design proudly presents their project situated in the very heart of Birmingham’s commercial district in England – the Lewis Building. It is a historic building dating back from 1920, and was one of England’s leading and highly innovative Store Magazine for many years. Today, The Lewis Building has been turned into a Grade A office space, where Thors Design has delivered high tables and plank tables with cable pit, being mindful of respecting the building’s beautiful story with their products.

Thors Design Gaia Lewis Building

møbel & rum

Møbel & Rum have 3 main things they focus on when it comes to their products: Made in Denmark, Social Awareness, and quality in Craftsmanship and materials. SMOCK Cushion is their ‘Flagship product’ that embodies all their values and design elements. In fact, they have entered with SMOCK Cushion for the Danish Design Awards 18, in the category ‘Feel Good’ and it has made it through to the ‘Jury round’.

We wish them good luck!

mobel & rum pillow

Lars Vejen

As the Best Project Ever which represents the company identity, Lars Vejen chose “Design Collaborations by Lars Vejen / Japan – Denmark 150 years”. It is all about handcraft, craftsmanship, history, heritage, and uniqueness.

“This project was for me of course a project of both design, collaboration and branding of who I am as designer and what I wish to do with my time as designer.” Says Lars Vejen.

Lars Vejen SAIBI cups

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen’s new collection Twist & Turn, which consists of two dining chairs, one with armrests and one without, and a dining table in ash or American walnut, is the best example of showing their Brand Identity.

The stringent and soft lines of the two Twist chairs give them a strong visual identity – it is a modern reinterpretation of a classic archetype together with Hans Sandgren Jakobsen’s fascination of the organic properties of wood and beautiful craftsmanship.

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen Twist and Turn

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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