The best staircases of 2015


C.F. Møller architects designed the new Technical Faculty in Odensen, Funen.



Photo by Jens Lindhe

University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Kolding designed by Henning Larsen Architects.


Photo by Torben Eskerod

The new South Harbour School by JJW architects.


Photo by Adam Mørk

UN City designed by 3XN.


The new Panum institute extension by C.F. Møller architects.


Aros museum is designed by schmidt hammer lassen.


During 2015 we featured a lot of interesting architecture and a common denominator in a number of them were staircases that blew us away. In this recap we will share these staircases with you once more, as a stair is more than just a means of getting from one floor to another; it is a focal point that can enhance great architecture solutions.

C.F. Møller architects designed the new Technical Faculty in Odense, Funen. The staircase here is not only breathtaking, it also contains different rooms for the students to use, such as lounge areas and much more.

When you enter the university in Kolding, the first thing you notice is the almost sculptural staircase. The entire building is designed by Henning Larsen Architects and also offers quite a unique façade.

Last year the new South Harbour School opened in the Southern harbour of Copenhagen. With its prime waterfront location the children will be learning a lot about the maritime scene also learning to swim by jumping directly into the harbour from the school stairway. And it is exactly this staircase that we would like to highlight; it is almost a piece of art in itself.

3XN has designed a sculptural staircase for the UN City building’s atrium, which symbolises the UN’s effort to pave the way for dialogue, interaction and positive encounters between people all around the world. It is meant to inspire UN workers to take the stairs and chat about issues and work.

Another great spiral staircase was designed by C.F. Møller architects and is found in the new Panum extension called the Mærsk Building. It is an extension to the university in Copenhagen, which will focus on science.

Even though it’s not from 2015, we still want to mention the beautiful circular staircase that greets you when you visit the Danish museum Aros. The staircase has a sculptural form that twists around two elevators, connecting the exhibition floors. You can enjoy a lot of photos of the museum on schmidt hammer lassen’s profile.

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