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Photo by DANISH™


Halmhuset Odense

Photo by DANISH™



Photo by DANISH™


Halmhuset Odense

Photo by DANISH™


Living sustainably and reducing your carbon footprint is a hot topic these days. Halmhuset is a great example of how to build only with recycled materials. The house functions not only as a house for learning but also as inspiration to the people who visit and use it.

In the city of Odense and Hans Christian Andersen, where fairy tales literally are written, there is a house that looks like something you would find in a happy ending story. It stands out; though not because it’s shiny or has some sharp architectonic shapes, but because of the purpose of why it was built. It arose out of an idea to build a self-bearing construction out of straw using only recycled materials and to turn this into a house to inspire everyone who sees it.

“It was built to put a focus on building sustainably as well as to show that houses can be built sustainably at low cost. As far as we know, it is the first of its kind”, says Project Manager at Halmhuset Anders Michelsen.

Built from recycled materials that are sourced in the local community, it is an example of how to challenge the way we think about building sustainably. Building a pizza oven from old bricks and learning how to heat at home to reduce the burden on the environment are some of the activities that the students can be engaged in at the site. The house is part of bigger plans to form an exploratorium for sustainability, where young people can come, not only to learn about the subject but also to try it out themselves.

“We want to tell the story about living a little bit more sustainable. To put as little a carbon footprint on the globe as possible. That is our ambition”, finishes Anders Michelsen.

See even more details from the very special house in the video above.

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