by Lassen Celebrates Anniversary of 10 Years


cubics by Lassen

Photo by by Lassen


Tired Man

Photo by by Lassen

The Tired Man from by Lassen


The Lassen Chair

Photo by by Lassen

The Lassen Chair from by Lassen


cubic candleholder

Photo by by Lassen

A classic from by Lassen


Kubus by byLassen

Photo by byLassen

Kubus base4 from byLassen



By Lassen

By Lassen for Maison et Objet 2017.



Photo: bylassen

Table and stools from by Lassen


The Tired Man sheepskin

Photo by by Lassen

Flemming Lassen designed the overstuffed easy chair, The Tired Man, for The Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Competition in 1935. It is characterised by organic, bearlike shapes and then as now it created a sensation with its curved form and voluminous armrests.


By lassen Frame Wall flowerpot lifestyle02

A Mogens Lassen sketch from 1943 forms the starting point for Frame, a flexible storage solution comprised of square boxes in cubic frames. Frame modules can be hung directly on the wall, connected together, stacked, or stand on their own on the floor. Combine Frame modules into a classic shelf, a unique sculpture or something entirely new. The individual combination options are endless.


Over the past 10 years the Danish interior company by Lassen has given life to many designs that are already considered modern-day classics, such as the cubic candleholder, The Tired Man and the Lassen Chair. Owner Søren Lassen sees this as laying the right foundations to become even stronger internationally over the next 10 years

In every second window you pass by in larger cities in Denmark, you will likely notice a black or white cubic candleholder showcased. Over the past 10 years, Danish interior company by Lassen has managed, through stringent design and by building products based on the heritage of two well-known and acknowledged architects, managed to build up its brand and is now on the road to becoming even stronger internationally. The words from owner and founder Søren Lassen are very clear:

`Ten years from now, we will be an even stronger, international brand, committed to, on the one hand, continuously following the path laid out by our ancestors, while on the other hand, following our own desire to create new designs to add to our collection. Our goal is to create products you would want to pass on through the generations”, he states.

Søren Lassen, being the grandson of Danish architect Mogens Lassen – the man behind a lot of the company´s designs, is the man who founded by Lassen in May 2008. The establishment of the company followed a decade of a unique focus on candleholder production sold to only one company in Denmark.

Søren Lassen yearned to widen his boundaries, both in terms of products offered and commercial engagement, and so started by Lassen, originally in a collaborative office in a quarter of Copenhagen, leading to a gallery/shop downtown in the Danish capital, to now opening as a Flagship showroom in a nice-to-have address in Queen town:

`The new showroom is a natural extension of our present idea of a gallery, where it´s all about showcasing and highlighting our products in a simple yet stylish framing. We felt this should be a place where you would love to live and at the same time work as a useful office for our team on an everyday basis”, explains CEO at by Lassen, Maria Anker Larsen.


Credibility lies in the originality

by Lassen traces its roots in the modernistic, Danish heritage of design as most of the company´s products were originally designed by Mogens and Flemming Lassen. Some of these are “ready to pick”, while others have been interpreted by modern designers such as Magnus Sangild and Marianne Viktor:

“Whether we recognize the organic idiom in the Lassen Chair, which was merely an outline done by Flemming Lassen in 1940, or if it is FRAME (a shelving system ed.) which, being an authentic, recent design, clearly was influenced by the minimalistic and geometric manner that we know as characteristic of Mogens Lassen, I´m very proud how we have continuously managed to stay true to the original design and yet still are able to complement and strengthen our collection with new products”, tells Søren Lassen, who concludes:

“As long as you stay true to the original design or intention, new additions will only represent an extra strength that supports the heritage of the two brothers.’



About by Lassen: by Lassen owns the rights to the designs of two of Denmark’s greatest architects: Mogens Lassen and Flemming Lassen. The Lassen brothers were innovators in architectural modernism and produced numerous iconic designs throughout their lives. The company´s mission is to build upon the tradition of Mogens and Flemming Lassen to ensure that exceptional original and rediscovered designs continue to live on through new generations.






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