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Floors and ceilings melt together


Hotel de JoBo

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room JoBo

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Flamboyant hotel room at Hotel JoBo


JoBo Hotel

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hallway JoBo

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Hallway at JoBo


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JoBo 2

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detail picture JoBo

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In addition to the international range and quality of carpets from ege Carpets, the company can also easily customize carpets upon request. The Hôtel de JoBo in Paris is one customer who needed a customized solution as the historic hotel wanted new scenery for their interior decoration and so they naturally turned to ege.


Hidden behind a flamboyant courtyard, the Hôtel de JoBo is an intimate and delightful escape for all wannabe Parisians. The Hôtel de JoBo is built at the site of a 17th century convent, but the inspiration inside the hotel and indeed the hotel’s remarkable name comes from the fantasized alter ego of the wife of the French general Napoleon Bonaparte: the Empress Joséphine Bonaparte – and her imaginary alter ego: JoBo.

In this second millennium since her death, the connection between a modern company manufacturing carpets and a more than two hundred years old French icon´s fantasy may seem somewhat far-fetched; however, the renowned French interior decorator Bambi Sloan swears to honour this story in her decoration. She and Karen Nybo, designer at ege Carpets, have been working in close collaboration to create for the Hôtel de JoBo a design representing a contemporary version of JoBo.

”We work with numerous designers and architects to create customized designs for specific purposes. In this process, it is always important to us that we give our collaborators the right amount of advice. Working with the Hôtel de JoBo and Bambi Sloan, it very soon became obvious that the story, the inspiration and the goal were all very clear. It has been a pleasure to take on a challenge with something as colourful, strong and vivid that Bambi was aiming for,” explains Karen Nybo from ege Carpets.

She explains how the French interior decorator Bambi Sloan saw the fantasized alter ego of Joséphine Bonaparte, JoBo, as the muse and the thread that runs throughout the decoration, but rethought and shaken up with a good dose of humour that combines French elegance with charming frivolity.


Different aspects in personality

Joséphine Bonaparte’s alter ego JoBo was considered to be a great seductress, but she also had a more down-to-earth secret garden at the Château de Malmaison, just outside Paris, where she had 240 species of roses from all over the world planted, which helped remind her of the little girl that she had once been.

It is all of these different sides of JoBo that are shown in the design of all the carpets within the hotel, which have been custom designed by Bambi Sloan and ege Carpets for the Hôtel de JoBo; including leopard-patterned carpets sprinkled with roses for the bar, lounges and reception, a bed of roses for the corridors and finally what seems to be a parquet floor – but created in carpets – for the rooms. On top of this, all the exposed beams are decorated as would befit the alter ego JoBo, and the designer has also reinterpreted century old wallpaper prints discovered in museums to dress the walls and sometimes even the ceilings with roses, birds and black swans, like those on the lake at the Château de Malmaison.

”One thing to say is what a tremendous experience it has been to be able to fulfil all of the requests while working only with our 12 basic colours. Another thing is to see the final result! Personally, I’m crazy about the ”more is more” philosophy, but on a professional level, the result is even more remarkable than the vision in terms of how the different materials and colours within the carpets not only bring the carpets to life, they bring every room to life,” Karen Nybo smiles, while stating her comment and then finishes:

”We had the privilege of seeing all of the rooms naked and without any deco whatsoever at the very early stage of the project. The rooms of the Hôtel de JoBo are very Parisian and thereby quite petite. You would expect that smaller rooms need less accessories, but actually adding the colourful carpets and the rest of the decor has actually added a more spatial feeling to each room.”


The Hôtel de JoBo is situated in the 4th arrondissement in Paris at 10, Rue d´Ormesson. It opened its doors in 2016. The architects were Didier & Fabrice Knoll.






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