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The Chromatism concept: 6 colour themes, 30 overlock yarn colours, 20 borders plus blind binding and cut finishing options and an endless number of shapes.

Structured around 6 colour themes, Chromatism captures the power of colours by transferring contemporary hues to a selection of rugs in classic tufted, flat woven and shaggy constructions. Thus, shades of beige, grey, black, green and blue are the starting point for your next rug selection – not forgetting the multi coloured theme holding bright colour splashes of red and yellow, among others.



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Take back the power of your impressive flooring surface

Bringing softness, a warm atmosphere and sound reduction to any project, Chromatism exploits and renews the floor, which tends to be an overlooked part of interior decoration. A rug has in its power to transform your room into a completely new space – easy, fast and in a very budget friendly way. So why not take advantage of this? With ege carpets’ any shape concept, you can customise the rug to perfectly fit the interior style you aim for by following a quite simple procedure.

Choose your favourite colour and construction

First, make a selection from any of the many colours and constructions at hand. With Chromatism, you experience the textures of different pile heights, yarns with natural variations and silk highlights that create movement and depth. In addition, a number of shades are available structured around 6 tempting colour themes – beige, grey, black, green, blue, multi.

Choose your desired size and shape

Secondly, cut off corners for a surprising look with a modern twist. Go square, round or oval to delicately finish your classic interior style or go for a wave, moon or yet not invented organic shape to add a sprinkling of energy.

Selecting your new rug shape is fun, easy and effective using a quite simple and very practical approach. Cut big pieces of paper into the shapes you consider appropriate for your office, hospitality or private space. Try to arrange furniture, lamps, plants etc. on the templates, move them around, and then move them around one more time. Watch from a distance, take photos to compare your ideas and finally make your choice!


Chromatism green

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Choose your rug finishing

Lastly, offering 30 beautiful overlock yarn colours and 20 border options (leather, cotton, structure-woven fabrics and suede imitation in 1, 2, 3 or 5 cm visible width), finishing is your final decision to make.

Overlock stitching and borders are the most widely available options, however, the border finish requires a square shape. For rugs with straight outward corners and round rugs from Ø400 cm you can go for a minimalistic blind binding. When leaving out other materials in your carpet design, all attention is given to your carpet structure in a very simple yet effective way.

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