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Ceiling lights Trends & Traditions 2018


Trends & Traditions 2018


Trends & Traditions 2018 sofa talk


Trends & Traditions 2018 live music


Trends & Traditions 2018 People Like Us

Startup People Like Us


Celling lights Trends & Traditions 2018


Trends & Traditions 2018 sofa talk


Trends & Traditions 2018


Trends & Traditions 2018


Tote bags Trends & Traditions 2018


Trends & Traditions 2018 DANISH™ stand


H24 DANISH™ stand at Trends & Traditions 2018

Designer Harald Hermanrud with his H24 shelving system for DANISH™ at Trends & Traditions 2018

Designer Harald Hermanrud with his H24 shelving system for DANISH™ at Trends & Traditions 2018


As a guest or a participant, you would be able to enjoy the enchanting smell and taste of coffee, hot food, and delicious desserts, while attending the various talks and discussions arranged all over the venue, while classical music plays subtly in the background. 3,000 people enjoyed this year’s Trends & Traditions, half of them being architects and designers.

As an early bird, DANISH™ got to be your eyes at Lokomotivværkstedet from the very first thing in the morning. Positioned right at the entrance, accompanied by the so-very-popular and ethical souvenir tote bags created on-site by the Hans Knudsen Institute in Copenhagen, it was rather easy to keep track of the very different people showing up at the event throughout the day.

The guests consumed 5,000 cups of coffee and took home 1,500 tote bags that day, but even more important, conversations sparked easily between everyone as people wanted to learn more about the stories and people behind each design, and also about each other, as each individual had a different role in and attitude towards design and architecture. That was an opportunity everyone seemed to enjoy and appreciate at the event.

Amazed by all the design, both Danish and international, transformed into lights, colours, and shapes, what really came across for the fourth time in a row was that Trends & Traditions is not so much a design and architecture exhibition as it is a communication platform that allows brands to speak for themselves and hot topics to be exposed to a relevant audience, who are able to enjoy the social aspects of conversing.

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The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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