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KEVI chair Engelbrechts

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Photo by Engelbrechts




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Creating a new webpage is no longer a technical precaution as an alternative to your address in the phonebook. At Engelbrechts, they are acutely aware of the website as the primary carrier of their brand and feel it should also be cool enough to serve as a business card – anywhere in the world.

”Our website should reflect our design philosophy. As simple as that!”

This was the essence of the message from Christina Østergaard Nielsen, the PR and Marketing Manager at Engelbrechts, to the Danish agency Spring/Summer, who were given the task of distilling the DNA of Engelbrechts into a new webpage. Christina Østergaard Nielsen helped guide the agency slightly with keywords important to Engelbrechts philosophy, such as: quality, no unnecessary details, honesty and most of all functionally and aesthetically long lasting.

”Whether it´s the Chairik chair from 1996 or the KEVI chair designed in 1958, they are still relevant. And not only from the front. No matter, which way you turn our products – even upside down, they still look sharp. I wanted our virtual business card to own some of the same qualities,” she says.

Naturally, aware of the fact that the speed that digital platforms and technologies move are very different from the physical design, she strongly believed this to be a key element connecting the product portfolio with the showroom and the webpage.

“I’m very happy with the framework and overall design concept Spring/Summer came up with. It is important for us to have a flexible and responsive site that looks good regardless of the platform,” Christina Østergaard Nielsen says.

With room for versatile videos, Engelbrechts now has the possibility to share other kinds of stories than possible when only using stills. But the one thing she emphasizes above all when looking at the work of Spring/Summer is the user-friendliness:

”Our menu is alive yet retains an elegant overview of all of our products and I see this as the result of a really good architect designing the page. It has a clear navigation, a well thought through customer journey and a ”keep-it-simple tailor-made solution” for us,” Christina says.


Simple Design with an Edge

During the design process, which from very beginning to launch of the site has taken just around five months, Engelbrechts has enjoyed being challenged on their own ideas and perceptions on ”how to” by Spring/Summer.

”If you cannot answer a well-put ”why”, then perhaps Spring Summer is not the right agency to go with. For us, however, this has been a clear and very safe journey, always with good explanations to their recommendations,” Christina Østergaard Nielsen tells.

At Spring/Summer, CEO and founder Pelle Martin experienced the collaboration with Engelbrechts as uncomplicated and easy:

”Maybe it’s due to the fact that we are quite alike in terms of our perception of combining functionality with design. I see something recognizable in how we both seek the edgy yet simple expression in our products.”

This alignment made it an almost go-to job to create a top-notch user experience combined with natural movement within the Engelbrechts site. However, Spring/Summer did spend some time creating secure good first-hand impressions no matter which entry the customer uses to visit the page:

”In our perception, this is an important part of brand building. That it’s not only the main page or the people already familiar with the brand that get a branding welcoming. This should happen in a very subtle and delicate way on every page,” Pelle Martin tells.

One of the tools used to support the brand building in every aspect has been the use of the latest design elements that can make digital works seem as close as possible to a printed version. This states quality and gives a feeling of something long lasting:

”When we combine this feeling of something long lasting with the flexibility in versatile video formats, we can truly dive into the design philosophy of Engelbrechts. Just like their furniture, which, due to their edgy and simple design, can be styled up and down in relation to their surroundings, so can their website. A lot depends on whether they showcase ”heavy” branded material or straight-up stills,” explains Pelle Martin.

And the numbers speak for themselves. Comparing last years’ numbers of visitors to Engelbrechts’ website with the numbers from the same period since launch of the new Engelbrechts website in September shows that there has been a 34% increase already.



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