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Event design agency Culture Works and Danish Design Award host organisation D2i – Design to innovate collaborate closely on designing a top-tier event experience, when the Danish Design Award 2017 takes place in Kolding on 31 May. Now, they explain the way they are converting a particular concept into a perfect event.

At Danish Design Award in Kolding there are three main conceptual elements in the design of the award venue. Design thinking, local anchoring and the location on the waterfront of Kolding harbour.

“The design thinking aspect stems from D2i – Design to innovate’s main purpose – to use design methods and thinking to create business development among small and medium-sized enterprises. Local anchoring signifies that D2i – Design to innovate from the beginning have had the idea of anchoring the event in the organisation’s immediate surroundings. The location is unique, because it’s a rough warehouse normally used for shipping and logistics and it naturally became a main element to work with”, Anne Katrine Skole, Head of Communications at D2i – Design to innovate, explains.

When cultural event design agency Culture Works and their client D2i – Design to innovate combine the three main elements, the event team had the opportunity to use industrial materials originating from the Kolding area to create a unique venue design that supported the idea of pushing people’s idea of what design can do, according to Skole.

Together with the above, people’s journey in and out of the venue and event have to be well thought out, supporting the experience of the event design.

“The whole Danish Design Award guest journey we call flow, focusing on the guest’s experience of the event from A to Z. This journey begins with a common thread, when guests are nearing the event area in midtown Kolding and until they leave the zone, when the show is over. The Danish Design Award flow needs to be done and dusted, permeated with our joint complete concept in order to offer guests a supreme experience. Now, we look forward to this happening”, said Andreas Nielsen, Head of Event Design at Culture Works.

Illustration by Baks Arkitekter

A Complete Concept

Shaping the idea of Danish Design Award’s venue was a long process, where Culture Works and D2i – Design to innovate worked hard for months. From food to seating positions – everything has been designed to create an over-the-top experience for the 600 guests at the event on 31 May in Kolding, Denmark.

“In the beginning of the process, we debriefed our client D2i – Design to innovate to get a better idea of their thoughts, ideas and wishes for the Danish Design Award event. In this process, we also tried to draw some culture out of them. That goes for all of our projects, where we always seek to fuse a given culture into an event. We provide a certain culture of how we do things, but our clients, in this case D2i – Design to innovate, also bring a definite culture to the table, which is essential to form a whole event”, says Andreas Nielsen.

Assisting in the design process, Danish architectural firm Baks Arkitekter was supplied with rough sketches and completed the details of the concept. That’s the normal way of outsourcing parts of the processes at an agency where the strengths lie in getting things done and having the ultimate overview of an entire show.

“Our collaboration with Baks Arkitekter is a perfect example of how we hook up with architects and designers who know our mind-set and thoughts well. Afterwards we blended our creativity into D2i – Design to innovate’s wishes and transformed the whole thing into an event design with a certain physical expression and experience. From mind to paper into the real world, you can say. Here, storytelling was very important – to us, there has to be a common thread in an event, where storytelling usually is the key to connect all the dots”, Nielsen ends.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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