Dan Dryer Grabs Another Red Dot Award


All equipments by Dan Dryer

Photo by Dan Dryer

It is possible to make a public toilet look classy with the Björk product range from Dan Dryer.


Dan Dryer baby changing station

Photo by Dan Dryer

The world isn't only black and white. The Björk products are available in several colours.


Close-up of baby changing station

Photo by Dan Dryer

A close-up of the baby changing station.


Susanne Eden Friis from Dan Dryer

Photo by Dan Dryer

Directing manager at Dan Dryer: Susanne Eden Friis


Björk hand dryer

Photo by Dan Dryer

Björk hand dryer


A hand dryer isn’t exactly the hottest product in the world. Nevertheless, it’s the foundation of Dan Dryer, which has cracked the code and designed an award-winning range of products for public restrooms. Today, another prize can be added to the collection.

We meet its products everywhere: drilled into the walls of public buildings, airports and retail chains; they are recognisably marked with a small Viking logo in the corner. The Danish company, Dan Dryer, holds a leading position in public toilet interiors, and today it is presented a second Red Dot Award for one of its products: the Björk baby changing station.

“It is a huge acknowledgment of our work, and a confirmation that we are moving in the right direction,” says Susanne Friis Eden, Managing Director at Dan Dryer.

Dan Dryer has more than 30 years of experience developing interiors for public toilets. After all these years working with traditional steel hand dryers, there was a need to do something special. Something new.

“We wanted a full range of products, like we have in stainless steel. The functions should be the same high quality, but the look should be totally different design-wise,” explains Susanne Friis Eden.

To solve this problem, Dan Dryer invited a handful of designers to make a proposal for the upcoming product range. After a screening, Dan Dryer chose Ve2.dk, and the result of the collaboration became Björk – an innovative product range unlike anything you’ll find on the market. And it was exactly the look Dan Dryer was aiming for:

“The Björk design stands out from the rest of our products. It has clean lines and a timeless look. It’s simple and durable, not only today but also in 10 or 15 years,” Susanne says.

In 2015, the Björk hand dryer received a Red Dot Design Award. Now the changing station is being awarded as well. This time, it’s a Red Dot Best of the Best that Susanne Friis Eden can place on Dan Dryer’s trophy shelf. And that is a big pat on the back for the company.

“This award means that people from the architecture industry discover our products. After our first award, we felt the increased awareness and we expect even more this time – especially from our foreign clients,” Susanne states. And she continues:

“Our hope is that the architects incorporate us as a natural part when sketching a new project. We want to be there.”

Right now, the Björk range features a hand dryer, a soap dispenser and a baby changing station, which will be followed shortly by two different toilet roll holders and dustbins.


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