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Photo by Torben Eskerod

The new maritime and natural science school in Copenhagen's southern harbour.


Photo by Adam Mørk

3XN and GXN's office in Copenhagen.


We aim to show how Copenhagen is a city to watch when it comes to showing the effects that good and innovative architecture can have on society.

Sluseholmen is a newly developed area near Copenhagen’s southern harbour, designed by Danish architecture company Arkitema and Dutch architect Sjoerd Soeters. Comprising eight “islands” with residential housing, the area is reminiscent of Amsterdam or Venice. The special architecture and unique identity of the houses adds to the residents’ experience of living in their very own, distinctive buildings.

Prioritizing a creative and inspiring workspace is also an area where people are investing more time and energy. Danish architecture company 3XN/GXN has recently moved to a historic cannon boathouse in the Holmen district of Copenhagen. Dating back to the 1800s, the boathouse was once used to store and repair warships. The 2,000-square-metre space is now used as their office and affords them sufficient space to make models and to spread out the finished models around the office, so that everyone can enjoy them on a day-to-day basis.

JJW architects have designed a school focused on maritime studies and natural science. The school, located in the southern harbour of Copenhagen, opened in 2015, and its interior is designed as a small city, with houses, workshops and plenty of open spaces. The architects designed each floor of the school around the age group of the children, so that as the children grow older they can move around the floors to enjoy more open spaces to support increasing group work as well as to utilize more personal spaces for individual project-based work, etc.

C.F. Møller Architects are transforming the University of Copenhagen’s Panum Institute of Medicine with the design of a new 16-storey tall science tower to provide more space for the Institute to expand into. The cornerstone of the building will be the creation of functional spaces to stimulate knowledge sharing in a green and energy-optimised setting.

CPH Shelter is the final project we want to highlight; it represents a brand new way of reusing shipping containers and turning them into modern housing.

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