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Too Good To Go, LEGO House, BIG, Danfoss, and Joe & The Juice were among the winners on Monday evening, when this year’s Danish Design Award trophies were awarded to the designers and companies behind the Danish design solutions in 15 categories.

– Denmark is a world-renowned Design nation. And why is that? I believe the primary reason is our eminent ability to solve problems. We are eminent at working together. We are eminent at asking questions and gain new knowledge. Some of what Danish Design Award does is both celebrating companies who think on a large scale, but also the small idea with the potential of becoming something great. Danish Design Award is where we celebrate designers, processes and the thoughts behind the solution, and last but not least, the most important, the effect of the good design, says Abelone Varming, CEO of Design Denmark, the Danish design industry organization.

– Danish Design Award is the one time a year, where we get to celebrate the best Danish design and the difference it makes for you and me. It is through design and design methods, that we can create the solutions for the next society, to provide value and meaning for citizens. Whether if it’s a digital platform, facilitating the communication between pacemaker patients and their doctors or if it’s an app that helps us regulate our thermostats for a better climate in our homes, it contributes to our quality of life, says Christian Bason, CEO of the Danish Design Centre.

In the category Building Markets, the winner is Copenhagen Towers – a hotel which has raised its sustainability profile with interior surfaces made of upcycled materials. This solution creates a new business market for the circular economy.

In the category Share Resources, the winner is Too Good to Go – and app that helps restaurants and food businesses sell their surplus food, at a very low cost to consumers, instead of wasting it.

In the category Message Received, the winner is The Christmas Supporter – a unique Christmas tree created by Danish Red Cross in the shape and colour of their own logo.

In the category Better Work, the winner is Campcut – a sterile medical device used for clamping and cutting the umbilical cord during childbirth.

In the category Daily Life, the winner is Safepad from Real Relief – a reusable sanitary pad with a special antimicrobial treatment that reduces vaginal infections.

In the category Feel Good, the winner is LEGO House designed by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. Conceived as a village for play and learning, LEGO House is a cultural center that embraces both architecture and urban space and welcomes the city of Billund’s visitors as much as its local citizens.

In the category Better Learning, the winner is SWNX Foot Swing – it enables children to move their legs uninhibited without making noise or disturbing others. This counteracts agitation and hyperactivity, enhances concentration and improves learning.

In the category Clean Solutions, the winner is Peefence – a urinal for use at music festivals and other big outdoor events.

In the category Healthy Life, the winner is inmu – it designed to help people suffering from dementia and their caregivers attain a calmer, safer and less disrupted daily life through the use of music and musical impulses.

In the category Outstanding Services, the winner is My Treatment – a digital concept using narrative animations to help hospitals reduce patient anxiety and free up resources by replacing text information with a language everyone understands.

In the category Employment Growth, the winner is Joe & The Juice – the concept is consistently executed, and everything, from the music to the names of the menu items and the smiles behind the counter, gives off the same good vibrations.

In the category Icon Award, the winner is The Bicycle Snake – from day one, Copenhageners loved the gently curving cycle bridge with the impressive view.

In the category Visionary Concepts, the winner is SCAUT – a platform that enables children to move their legs uninhibited without making noise or disturbing others.

In the category Young Talent, the winners are Iga Slowik, Claudia Naval & Paul Lequay from Kolding Designschool. The journey from Earth to Mars lasts 221 days. That was the basic premise of Iga Slowik, Claudia Naval and Paul Lequay’s extraordinarily visionary design for NASA.

In the category People’s Choice, the winner is Danfoss Eco – an electronic thermostat for more energy-efficient heating in the home is not in itself an innovation.

Another category was added at this year’s award show, the Distributed Design Award – the winner is Nextfood – an automized grow-system that provide local food businesses with the opportunity for easily growing tasty, healthy and pesticide-free vegetables.

About Distributed Design Award:

Design and the designer’s role is evolving and adapting to a new digitized world. We see the rise of a new kind of designer that challenges how goods are produced and how customers relate to their products. We call it Distributed Design. These new designer designs, self-produced and take part in the distribution of their products. They work with new technology and digital platforms that allow for global sharing, co-design, and distribution. More products are now designed, created and shared in global platforms. And they are produced locally with local materials, in small batches and customized to the needs of the consumer. Read more about Distributed Design Award here.

Want to read more about the full jury commentaries on the winning solutions and the finalists?

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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