Danish Design Award 2019 Finalist: Lars Vejen


Dinesen FRAMES Lars Vejen

Rendering by ARDESS


Photo by Irina Boersma


Photo by Irina Boersma


Photo by Irina Boersma


Dinesen Frames Lars Vejen

Photo by Irina Boersma


Bringing the right people together around a great idea often results in brilliant solutions. Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle is one of those ideas, hatched by renowned architect and designer, Lars Vejen, brought to life in collaboration with Dinesen and Vahle and nominated as a finalist for a Danish Design Award 2019.

A door can go anywhere, be a cover to another great place and a guide towards something truly amazing. So why shouldn’t the door itself be amazing? An amazing door makes you feel like you are opening a gift with great anticipation. It will tickle your expectation of what awaits you on the other side. That is, if you ever take your eyes off the door.

Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle is a truly amazing piece. It’s a door made from two solid pieces of Dinesen Douglas, and it is a finalist in the Danish Design Award 2019 in the Feel Goodcategory.

“Being a finalist for a Danish Design Award reassures me that great design comes from a dedicated collaboration between designer, craftsmen and the right materials,” says Lars Vejen, architect and designer.

He continues:

“I’m truly grateful for being a finalist, chosen by a jury consisting of a wide variety of international members from the industry. Should we, the entire team, win a Danish Design Award, then it’s a milestone and great kudos for being persistent, dedicated, uncompromising and open to introduce high quality design into everything we surround ourselves with.”

Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle is a door for indoor use. It’s made from two solid pieces of Dinesen Douglas. Meant to only be framed on the sides, allowing the floor and ceiling to continue freely into the next room, it has hidden hinges and is truly amazing to look at.

“One of the first things you meet, when you enter a home, are the doors. Doors that will lead you into the next room and onwards on the journey through. And the doors will signal what to expect from the rest the of the home. With the FRAMED door, you will be sure to signal a high-quality journey throughout your house,” says architect and designer Lars Vejen.


Photo by Irina Boersma

Designing and constructing a door with two solid pieces doesn’t come easy. Wood is a living material and changes whether the weather is cold or hot.

“Wood is alive. It will move, expand and contract depending on temperature, moisture and season. And that makes it tricky to design and construct a Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle door. If you aren’t in control of how the wood works over time, you will have a crooked or cracked door in no time at all,” says Lars Vejen

It all starts in the forests
Knowing how to control the wood for Dinesen FRAMED by Vahlestarts in the forests. By choosing the right tree.

“The special thing about high-end wood is that the forest has been allowed to grow naturally, without any enhancement, which will reduce growing time. When ready, the individual tree is then selected for lumbering, cut up, dried and managed in the right way,” says Lars Vejen.

Thisresults in an amazing and great product, that both represents Danish design and the nature that we humans unconsciously seek out all the time.

Dinesen has just launched a range of planks made from ash tree.

“Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle will naturally be offered with the option of using this type of wood instead of the Dinesen Douglas. In addition, we are working on making an outer door version, so the visual of the two pieces, and the vertical line between them will be a through-going motif from outside to inside,” Lars Vejen ends.

If you want to know more about Lars Vejen, please see his company profile where you will find other articles about his different projects.

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