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Open Embassy


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Open Embassy


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Ambu® aScope™ 3


Danish Design Award Game Changer

Ambu® aScope™ 3


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Partnership with Impact


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Partnership with Impact


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Danish Design Award


Design is so much more than forms and colours. The Danish Design Award celebrates the design solutions invented to change our perspective on life. The purpose of the Game Changer Award is to demonstrate the potential of design when helping to redefine the rules of the game in a market, business area or part of the public sector.

The Game Changer Award in Danish Design Award is a design award for solutions that have radically transformed a sector or business area. These big words fit all four finalists, who with their individual ideas have contributed to renew different areas of our society. The project ‘Open Embassy’ is in the running for the award.

Open Embassy is an answer to the disruption of diplomacy. The traditional embassy is turned inside out to introduce openness, mobility and transparency – through new actions and interactions. Urgent.Agency has designed the project for the Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark, and Design Director Mads Quistgaard has added some words to the concept:

“We have created a new embassy concept, which is a digital platform, where you can get the latest information from the Open Embassy, e.g. where and when the embassy setting up pop-up embassies, when there will be an art exhibition or how to get in touch with the ambassador. The final result is like a swiss army knife – small, sharp and flexible.”

The idea behind Open Embassy is to make the Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark, as accessible, relevant and open as possible, and the project has entailed two nominations for Danish Design Award, which to Mads Quistgaard is a pat on the shoulder for the design agency.

“We see it as clear sign that our design, and the message behind Open Embassy, is comprehensible. Basically, our wish with this initiative is to make the traditional diplomatic world user-friendly,” Mads ends

Here are the words of the jury to Open Embassy, a project by Urgent.Agency for the Embassy of Switzerland, in Denmark:

“The pop-up embassy represents a new embassy concept and an attempt at initiating a new culture, where diplomats meet people rather than hiding in guarded domiciles. The project is a social design in step with contemporary demands for transparency and could be part of a larger shift away from an elitist, unapproachable, bureaucratic stance. The concept is innovative and bold and may serve as inspiration for other public agencies and offices aiming to connect with citizens.”


The other finalists in this category are:

Ambu® aScope™ 3: A single-use bronchoscope for use in the airways of hospital patients. It is a device that doctors use to make airway procedures simple, safe and cost-effective.

Words from the jury to Ambu® aScope™ 3:
“How would you like sharing a toothbrush with the gentleman in the hospital bed next to yours? You wouldn’t? Well, then, why share a bronchoscope? That is the thinking behind Ambu aScope 3. The bronchoscope is a design idea that stands out for its potential to redefine the market where Ambu is already an important player. The disposable bronchoscopes simplify procedures for the healthcare staff and the patient’s risk of exposure to resistant germs is reduced as hospitals and clinics move from reusable to disposable bronchoscopes.”

Partnership with Impact: “We design for life” – to inspire the future in favour of an even more vital local community. Together, the school and city create design solutions for the elderly, city spaces, teaching, etc.

Words from the jury to Partnership with Impact:
“Design School Kolding and Kolding Municipality have engaged in a collaboration that exemplifies the many derived effects that the presence of a state-run educational institution can have on a city when the municipality succeeds in involving the institution in everything from learning projects at the local primary and lower secondary school to residential architecture. Thanks to the partnership between the design school and municipal administration, Kolding has in recent years developed into an experimentarium for user-driven design and welfare innovation”

STORM SYSTEM®: Aims to design clean and minimalistic looking products in extremely high quality, accommodate all needs for products in modern architecture, and have one installation ring for light and technical devises.

Words from the jury to STORM SYSTEM®:
“The market for smart home technology and so-called home extensions is growing, and STORM SYSTEM® has the potential to become a new Scandinavian design success. This carefully designed system takes a design approach to a familiar installation that is essentially a hole in the ceiling. On this basis, the system presents a series of solutions to bring lighting, music, alarms, etc. into our home without making it resembles the IT department in a medium-sized enterprise. STORM SYSTEM® stands out by building on flexibility, as many different installations can be fitted into the same ring. A clever concept elegantly executed.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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