What’s Cooking in the Danish Kitchen Industry?


Garde Hvalsøe 3

Photo by Garde Hvalsøe

Colour it up!


Garde Hvalsøe 2

Photo by Garde Hvalsøe

Natural materials blend into a perfect kitchen.


Garde Hvalsøe 1

Photo by Garde Hvalsøe

Extraordinary kitchen by Garde Hvalsøe


Simonsen & Czechura 3

Photo by Simonesen & Czechura

Stunning kitchen design by Simonsen & Czechura


Simonsen & Czechura 1

Photo by Simonsen & Czechura

Wooden kitchen design by Simonsen & Czechura


Simonsen & Czechura 2

Photo by Simonsen & Czechura

Open kitchen design by Simonsen & Czechura


Reform 1

Photo by Reform

Reform x BIG kitchen collaboration


Reform 2

Photo by Reform

Kitchen collaboration between Reform and Henning Larsen Architects


Reform 3

Photo by Reform

Kitchen design by Reform


The kitchen. Often described as the heart of the home. But what makes a good kitchen? We have looked at the latest trends in Danish kitchen designs to get you up to date on the hottest kitchen fashions right now.

A good kitchen is defined by agelessness. At least, that’s the answer you get if you ask Peter Simonsen, one half of the partnership Simonsen & Czechura, a small business famous for customising exclusive kitchens.

“From our point of view, agelessness, craftsmanship and function are the three most important qualities for a kitchen. The style of the kitchen should be in sync with the rest of the house. It’s all about the big context,” Peter Simonsen explains.

Simonsen & Czechura 1

Wooden kitchen design by Simonsen & Czechura
Photo by Simonsen & Czechura

The kitchen plays a leading role in a Danish home. In Denmark, and in the rest of Scandinavia as well, it’s very common to have a large, open kitchen integrated into either your dining area or your living room. In this way, you are a part of the everyday conversation, even when preparing dinner or emptying the dishwasher. And according to Søren Lundh Aagaard, partner at Garde Hvalsøe – a high-class kitchen company – this trend isn’t just a one-day wonder.

“Our experience is that the open kitchen that blends into the house is here to stay. So, when designing a new kitchen, it’s important to be aware of your needs, your lifestyle and your other furniture – and with those things in mind, talk to a professional who can make your dreams come true,” says Søren Lundh Aagaard.

Danish kitchens are popular abroad, and Garde Hvalsøe exports kitchens to every corner of the world. Søren believes that their export success is due to the fascination for Nordic living and classic Danish craftsmanship.

“We get a good many export orders. We can see that people everywhere want the same qualities – clean lines and good craftsmanship. At the beginning of this year, we exported kitchens to Nairobi, London and San Francisco, and all three kitchens could have been placed in a typical Danish home,” Søren states.

Garde Hvalsøe 2

Natural materials blend into a perfect kitchen
Photo by Garde Hvalsøe

Both Simonsen & Czechura and Garde Hvalsøe use natural materials as focal points when customising kitchens. Wood, stone, marble and linoleum are all very popular materials, and add an exclusive touch to a kitchen. And this exclusivity is a big part of the Danish kitchen’s popularity.

“A classy kitchen is a status symbol. Through our kitchens, we want to signal our vitality, both personally and design-wise. We care about our kitchen! We want to show the world that we have a passion for cooking, use the finest ingredients, spend a long time carefully preparing food and are excellent cooks. Even though that might not be the whole truth,” Peter Simonsen from Simonsen & Czechura ends.

If you need an extra shot of inspiration for your kitchen project, take a look at the pictures at the top of this article – you might find something you like.

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