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Illustration: 3XN

The new Mälardalen University has space for more than 4000 people.



Illustration: 3XN

The old bath house meets the new university inside the building, where the lower levels are open.



Illustration: 3XN

Library placed in an old swimming pool at Mälardalen University, Sweden



Illustration: 3XN

The listed bath sharing walls with the new Mälardalen University.



Illustration: 3XN

Mälardalen by night. Designed by 3XN.


Entek Bergen 4

Illustration: Arkitema Architects

Arkitema is creating an innovative environment with the new Entek building in Bergen.


Entek Bergen3

Illustration: Arkitema Architects

The new Entek building is going to be a part of Forskerparken in Bergen.


Entek Bergen2

Illustration: Arkitema Architects

Entek building by Arkitema Architects.


Entek bergen 1

Illustration: Arkitema Architects

An open space suitable for collaboration between students, teachers and local companies.


SHL Wenzhou4

Illustration: Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen Architects

The library will house 30.000 books!


SHL Wenzhou1

Illustration: Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen Architects

A sprinkle of Denmark in the rural mountain area of China.


SHL Wenzhou2

Illustration: Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen Architects

New Danish designed student building at Wenzhou Kean University in China.


It’s no secret that Danish architects know how to design beautiful buildings and inspiring learning environments. However, it’s not only the Danish students and teachers who benefit from these skills. Get inspired by three Danish designed school buildings abroad.


Entek bergen 1

Illustration: Arkitema Architects

Energy and technology building, University of Bergen, Norway
Designed by Arkitema Architects

Arkitema Architects has designed a new university building with modern facilities for both teaching, research and companies to encourage collaborations between the university and local businesses.

A large expansion is under way at the University of Bergen. The vision for the upcoming energy and technology building (EnTek) at the university is to create the framework for new interesting collaborations between research and business communities in the energy, climate and technology industries. Knowledge sharing and innovation are the focal points for this architectonical concept, which takes the university, the individual and the city of Bergen into account.

The University of Bergen is in the centre of the city and has a clear identity. The new energy and technology building will be close to the existing buildings and a part of the new urban space, Forskerparken, while at the same time co-defining the new research cluster in Bergen.


Illustration: 3XN

Mälardalen University, Sweden
Designed by 3XN

“The vision is to create an open and inspiring learning environment that encourages interaction between students and staff – across disciplines,” 3XN Studio.

With its educational facilities and workplaces, the winning proposal for Mälardalen University by 3XN incorporates space for more than 4000 people including both students and employees. The new building is in continuation to adjoins a listed public bath which means that the architects have to work carefully to give the new building a clean geometry and uniform surfaces with clear references to the public bathhhouse’s functionalistic architecture.

Inside, the two buildings are tied together on the first two floors, creating a cohesive flow between old and new. The lower levels are completely open and connected to make the building seem to be one functional whole, while the original swimming pool is retained as the school library.

SHL Wenzhou1

Illustration: Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen Architects

Wenzhou-Kean University Centre & Library, China
Designed by Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen Architects

An American-Chinese university with a Danish twist, Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen Architects is behind the future Student Centre and Library at Wenzhou-Kean University.

This rare university collaboration is in a rural Chinese region surrounded by mountains. Since 2006, Wenzhou-Kean University has been cooperatively run by Wenzhou University, China, and Kean University, New Jersey, USA. The purpose of this partnership is to merge American and Chinese teaching methodologies in practice from a global context. With the coming building, they also sprinkle a bit of Denmark into the campus.

The student activity centre is located on the ground and first floors, and is designed as a central marketplace with access from all sides. The activity centre will provide space for a café, theatre, music studios, sports and games. The building is designed to embrace diversity, interaction and knowledge-sharing and will hopefully be the heart of campus, when finished.

All information and pictures are provided by the three architectural studios.

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