Das Haus at IMM Cologne by Sebastian Herkner


Das Haus 2016 Sebastian Herkner 9

Sebastian Herkner with his model of DAS HAUS for this years imm cologne.


Das Haus 2016 Sebastian Herkner 8

Close up of DAS HAUS by Sebastian Herkner.


Das Haus 2016 Sebastian Herkner 7

Photo by Constantin Meyer

Herkner created a circular structure that seems to be transparent.


Das Haus 2016 Sebastian Herkner 6

Photo by Constantin Meyer

Most of the furniture is Herkner's own design.


Das Haus 2016 Sebastian Herkner 5

Photo by Constantin Meyer


Das Haus 2016 Sebastian Herkner 4

Photo by Constantin Meyer


Das Haus 2016 Sebastian Herkner 2

Photo by Constantin Meyer


German designer Sebastian Herkner was chosen as guest of honour for this year’s IMM fair in Cologne where he designed Das Haus, a recurring concept, which first began in 2012 and was done by the talented Neri & Hu last year. Herkner designed a circular house that seems to be transparent while at the same time being very welcoming as a place that invites you to relax and enjoy yourself.

The space is approximately 200m2 and this year it is entitled “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage”. Das Haus has movable textile curtains as wall elements as a way of illustrating that living can be more open and freer. Herkner wanted the house to be a sensual experience – a house that is soft, aromatic, colourful and communicative, and is able to change its form like a chameleon. The result is a very open and soft architecture.

The house is called ‘Das Haus – Interiors on Stage’ because the furniture is arranged as if they are displayed on a stage. Herkner plays with light and perspective addressing all the senses as part of the process. The transparency of ‘Das Haus’ is a way of expressing the need for facing changes with openness.

Herkner was inspired by social issues, more specifically on the on-going issue with refugees making their way to Europe. Das Haus is meant to inspire everyone to look around, touch, feel and meet new people and communicate. This may even be to sit down for a meal with new people, which Herkner encourages people to do.

“It is important to me that ‘Das Haus’ is really open to all”, says Herkner and continues; “there are no boundaries, no barriers, no corners which one can bump into or hide behind”.

The house is decorated with furniture previously designed by Herkner, however, classic Danish design has also found its way to the house in the shape of Hans Bølling’s tray table produced by Brdr. Krüger. Also, a part of the house features Danish Dinesen GrandDouglas planks in shades of grey and white adding a sense of warmth to the structure.

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