When Design Creates Room for Art



Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

Endless view at New Carlsberg Foundation Denmark


DANISH™: New Carslberg Foundation Denmark

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

Salto&Sigsgaard have designed a grate usable as bookshelving system and display of art pieces for the Danish New Carlsberg Foundation


Grate by Salto&Sigsgaard

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

The repetition of the grates . phases the employees in when walking from the vivid heart of the building to their more quiet offices


DANISH™: Salto&Sigsgaard

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

Wonderful long view through the grates


DANISH™: Salto&Sigsgaard at The New Carlsberg Foundation

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

A ladder is a neccesary tool for reaching the highest placed items


DANISH™: New Carlsberg Foundation

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

The bookshelving system by Salto&Sigsgaard has the flexibility of fitting into every room


DANISH™: Salto&Sigsgaard shelving system

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

The grates are useful to any size


DANISH™: New interior display using material from Wilhelm Vohlert

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

A lot of the high quality wood of mahogany from the Wilhelm Vohlert interior was reused by Salto&Sigsgaard to create a new shelving system in the old library at The New Carlsberg Foundation


DANISH™:Room for Art by Salto&Sigsgaard

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

There was a lot of learning related to doing The New Carlsberg Foundation for Salto&Sigsgaard as for instance the width of a shelve for displaying art


DANISH™: Gallery shelving at New Carlsberg Foundation

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

Gallery Shelving system done by Salto&Sigsgaard


DANISH™: Artpieces showcased by Salto&Sigsgaard

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

Artpieces should be easily showcased and accessed if neccesary.


DANISH™: The New Carlsberg Foundation working with art

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

Art on display with a view to the old Wilhelm Vohlert material now transformed into a cubic shelving system


DANISH™: The Council Chair at The New Carlsberg Foundation

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

Salto&Sigsgaard used The Council Chair designed for the UN Trusteeship Chambers in New York as part of their deco at The New Carlsberg Foundation. The chair is produced by Onecollection


DANISH™: The Council Chair

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

The 3D laminate, in which the Council Chair is made, makes it possible to bend the wood in opposite directions all at the same time


DANISH™: Salto&Sigsgaard grates for bookshelving

Photo by Salto&Sigsgaard

The old house required very precisely measurements for each grate


The Danish design group Salto & Sigsgaard has decided to create a small video for the Danish Design Festival that is taking place these days. The design duo just recently finished their display of the Danish New Carlsberg Foundation – under the theme Transit, Store, Display.

Most people probably connect Carlsberg with the green bottle, but for those of you who wish to broaden your perspective on how this brand originally wished to influence people with something other than alcohol, the New Carlsberg Foundation is a private and independent foundation for the arts.

Now, more than a decade later, the foundation is in the public eye as Danish designer Kasper Salto and his partner Danish architect Thomas Sigsgaard have just finished their updated interior decoration of the foundation’s chambers. The building is normally not accessible to the public, but the design duo saw the Danish Design Festival as an obvious occasion to introduce their work and the special location to design- and architectural lovers.

‘The process and the result are a dream come true,’ says Kasper Salto as DANISH™ meets up with him and Thomas Sigsgaard in Copenhagen. He continues: ‘The minute we agreed on the overall idea, which was actually already at our initial meeting, we were met with an enormous amount of trust, will and a desire to create quality.’

The effort to foster and benefit the arts in the founders’ fatherland forms the core of the foundation’s charter, signed on 20 January 1902 by brewer Carl Jacobsen and his wife, Ottilia Jacobsen. Therefore, following pieces of art going in and out, accommodating different periods and durations, the foundation was in need of an update to the existing interior designed in the 1970s by renowned Danish architect Wilhelm Wohlert.

The overall idea Salto is talking about, which arose at the very first meeting, was to create the ambience of a workshop: ‘When working with retail customers we talk a lot about “as much as possible for less”. Here we, despite our awe towards the task, suggested doing the opposite – and luckily they saw the idea and from there we hit it off!’


A Window to an Unknown World

Thomas Sigsgaard very quickly defined the purpose of the new interior decoration as TSD – not a new drug or a quick fix, but a way of simply describing the flow of the house: Transit, Store, Display. In other words, the new interior should be able to cope with huge art pieces, small decos, books and similar ‘stuff’ related to art, managing to showcase the items as well as store them so that they are easy accessible when they are moved on to new destinations. This resulted in the open shelving system, where each shelf was made by hand as every measurement changed to within an inch in the old chambers:

‘I’ve never experienced a measurement so thoroughly in my career. Tricky, yes – but intriguing for our design process and definitely part of creating our idea to phase in the employees from the vivid heart of the house to the more quiet offices,’ Sigsgaard tells us as he showcases a funnel with his hands.

Neither of the two is involved with art in their daily life, which caused them to spend quite a good bit of the process doing research in collaboration with the employees to make sure that every need was taken care of before reaching the finishing line.

‘Sometimes this means maybe doing stuff that later on turns out not to be necessary – but better this than winding up missing out on a lot of needs that the user was not aware of before they were no longer present,’ says Sigsgaard. He continues: ‘We always use this process. It is the core of design thinking. It does not matter whether we do workspaces, offices, librarys or chairs.’

The last thing he mentions is, funnily enough, the next project the duo has moved on to. Being the proud ‘parents’ of The Council Chair manufactured by Danish Onecollection, the duo is now diving into how to design siblings.

The Council Chair was originally designed for The Trusteeship Council Chamber, United Nations in New York in 2013.

Here you can read more about how Salto&Sigsgaard worked with The New Carlsberg Foundation which was designed in collaboration with Elgaard Arhitecture and Onecollection



























The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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