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puzzle wall

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silenzio tone cabin

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dry under table

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Dan angel

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toward 3

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scan 1010

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kitchen hth

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Norm Architects cabin

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table dryer

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Photo by Erik Jørgensen


Here at DANISH™, we are fascinated by flexibility and by products transforming their purpose from one thing to another and so we couldn´t restrain ourselves from sharing these seven remarkable designs with you. All of them Danish, naturally!

Dry Under from Cinas: a design by Nordvink

Dry under by Cinas

Photo by Cinas

Dry Under is a space-saving balcony table made in solid teak with a built-in drying rack. We cannot get over how well thought-out this table is. It’s intended for the many small balconies that tend to exist in cities that often don’t have enough space for both “hygge” (which we Danes apparently are all about) and the one thing we all do have needs for: drying laundry.

And even if you don´t live in an apartment in the city with a balcony and “no space”, you can still utilize this table, such as in smaller gardens or terraces.

Dry Under was developed in collaboration with the young design firm Nordvink, founded by Anne Nørbjerg and Sanne Kyed.

Angel from Baby Dan: a design by Baby Dan

Baby Dan Angel

Photo by Baby Dan

This innovative Angel line from Baby Dan is no less than a three-in-one solution that unites the functions of a crib, a highchair and a babysitter all in one product and with an A-shaped stand as the centre point.
The individual parts: the Angel Nest, Angel Rest and Angel Feast, can easily be clicked onto and off the stand in a single motion, giving you a transportable and safe crib that is easy to carry or fold down for flat storage or transport. You can also combine this with a high chair for children in the early years for sitting at the dining table, and with a little adjustment and without the use of a tool, it can also be easily converted into a seat that your child can use when it´s ready for life without a foot-rest.

In short: this unique 3-in-1 product is suitable for the newborn up until the early school years.
You can enjoy this “making life with baby easier” in white and silver.

Tone Cabinet from Zilenzio: a design by Norm architects

tone cabin cut

Photo by Norm Architects

Not into curtains or carpets – or even life in an open office, but still need to face the reality of working in an environment with the harsh, hard sound of voices all around or constant phone calls or footsteps? Well, Danish Norm architects, in collaboration with Zilenzio, have come to the rescue with this new collection of acoustic furniture which is designed to absorb certain frequencies of sound. With colours carefully selected by Note Design Studio, the Tone Cabinets come in three different sizes so that they can be incorporated into any dynamic work environment.

Toward from Erik Jørgensen: a design by Anne Boysen

toward 1

Photo by Erik Jørgensen

We know that there are already a lot of couches out there that can be converted into beds, but this one is particularly nice as the design not only enables you to design the expression of your sofa in terms of the colour but also its momentary expression, and it´s also hard enough to work on as a table, while being healthy and comfortable to sleep on. With Toward you simply move the additional pillows around as you desire in order to achieve the perfect look of the day.

Table ID from HTH Kitchens: a design by HTH Kitchens

hth 1

Photo by Hth

This is a cabinet that not only contains your cups, flour and sugar, but can also serve as your dining area. Simply unfold and puff… you have a table ready for serving dinner for two on! The table ID is part of an entire space-saving collection created by the Danish kitchen company HTH. This fits right in with the idea of furniture transforming their purpose.

Puzzle Wall from Spacon and X: a design by Spacon and X

Puzzle wall 3

Photo by PUZZLE Wall

This is not only smart and well thought-out, it´s also aesthetically very pleasing!

The Puzzle Wall is designed to meet the demands of users who require anything from a working station to somewhere to utilize for a family movie-night. Everything can go up and down in scale and you can even transform the shelves into stools or even a bench/couch. When the activities change, you can then fold down the workstation or even move it to another place on the wall – or when the needs of the work changes from needing a small computer-desk to a bigger meeting table or even a small exhibition, different parts of the wall can easily be changed, added to or adjusted to just change function.

Scan 1010 from Scan: a design by Scan

The last piece on our list might also be somewhat of a misrepresentation. However, we fell in love so much with its ability to look like a shelf but then to actually be a fireplace that we let this woodstove sneak its way into our group of elements that are able to transform to fit a new purposes. We believe you will forgive us this inclusion when you consider the flexibility and the clever design of this beautiful solution.

You can personalize your Scan 1010, from Danish company Scan, which was established in the middle-sized town of Odense back in 1978, to match your tastes, needs and interior, whether it’s for wall hanging or to be placed on the floor with different sizes of log compartments.

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