Double up for VE2 – The studio wins four German Design Awards!


ZONE+VE2 winner of German Design Awards 2019

All pictures with courtesy of ZONE Denmark

Design agency Ve2 wins four German Design Awards 2019 in collaboration with ZONE Denmark



Courtesy of ZONE Denmark



Courtesy of ZONE Denmark



Courtesy of ZONE Denmark



Courtesy of ZONE Denmark



Courtesy of ZONE Denmark



Courtesy of ZONE Denmark



Courtesy of ZONE Denmark



Courtesy of ZONE Denmark


Courtesy of VE2


Every once in a while, a designer receives the honour of being nominated for a design award and maybe even winning one. Danish design studio VE2 didn’t settle for just one mention, however. This year, the company won four German Design Awards and, although we are still in the early months of 2019, VE2 is already nominated for yet another!


VE2’s owners have packed their bags and are heading for Germany to receive the four awards, all of which are for products they created for Danish ZONE Denmark.

“Naturally, the recognition of these awards feels good and we are proud and humble to receive an acknowledgement like this,” commented Morten Lauritzen, owner and Managing partner of VE2.

The products cover functionalities across the home office, the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom.

The award-winning products are:

ZONE+VE2 winner of German Design Awards 2019

All pictures with courtesy of ZONE Denmark

PUCK Hook, Peili Grinder, Peili Oblong and UME Bath Series

With more than ten years of experience as an agency, the VE2 team is no stranger to design awards. Last year, Peili also received a German Design Award and the year before it won a Red Dot Award. The UME series also won a Red Dot Award last year. Peili Oblong and PUCK Hook added Red Dot Awards to the wall last year.

Other than these, VE2 has been awarded Red Dot Awards for the Björk series, in collaboration with Dan Dryer and for the Conus Cooker Hood series, in collaboration with Trepol.

The joy and satisfaction at winning an award has not diminished; in fact, an extra layer of pride has been added over the years:

“It is our experience that the awards are part of creating an even closer relationship between the designer and the manufacturer, and thereby building a common understanding of what design is and the value it creates,” enthuses Morten.

“For some of the companies that we collaborate with, winning an award is a true game-changer. We have seen this for companies such as Dan Dryer and Trepol,” he adds.

“When you actually start working in a design-driven way, with everything from development, prototyping and user testing creating a connection between processes, function and expression, it not only changes the outgoing communication and marketing of a company; inside the organization, good things happen, too.”

That combination of process, function and expression of the product makes up what VE2 believes to be the formula that has won the company so many German Design Awards:

“We cannot overlook the Scandinavian aesthetic, but behind this are hours and hours of testing and optimizing of materials and functionality and developing products that are easy to comprehend while still adding new ideas and breaking the norms. Also, scalability is worth mentioning when looking at the Peili series”, he says.

As if all this were not enough, VE2 is currently in the running for another major design award – watch this space!









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