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Photo by: Jensen Retail

Photo by: Jensen Retail



Photo by: Jensen Retail

Photo by: Jensen Retail



Photo by: Jensen Retail

Photo by: Jensen Retail



Photo by: Jensen Retail

Photo by: Jensen Retail



Photo by: Jensen Retail


Yesterday, Løgismose celebrates the opening of a brand-new outlet in the international department store Illum in Copenhagen. The shop was designed by Jensen Retail and is a combination of a wine shop, a grocery shop and a food bar, and it was designed as an exploration of light.

When diving into any kind of modern interior magazine, your eyes will be filled with “letting in the light” and “opening up to nature”. In the new Løgismose shop, which is opening today at Illum in Copenhagen, Jensen Retail, who designed the shop, deliberately chose to use light as the centre of attention. However, they had to work hard to get there:

“As human beings, it’s natural for us to be drawn to light. We know that people want to go there, so to make sure that people visit the entire shop and see all the groceries on display, we decided to work counter to the light. We wanted it to be a small adventure to reach your destination,” explained Thomas Jensen, who is the founder and creative director at Jensen Retail.

He is thrilled by the courage the owners of Løgismose showed in establishing the new shop in a shop. He focussed on two aspects: the shop mixes wine and food as a grocery sale but they are in combination with a food bar. As a customer, you are able to connect the three in a hidden eating area.

Even more importantly, Jensen Retail was given the opportunity to play around with the connection of the three areas and the solutions chosen are past trendiness:

“The obvious choice for a client like Løgismose would be to tap into the ongoing trend, dictating wood, leather and something rustic, as this would be the common expectation of their customers. However, after diving into their heritage and history, we were given another direction and Løgismose has been bold enough to follow it. This is liberating and very inspirational!”

Løgismose started out in 1969 in a stable at Løgismose mansion, selling upscale dairy products. Later this business was expanded to include selling wines and running restaurants. Their first winery and shop opened at Copenhagen harbourside 23 years later.

This is this first shop that is the focal point of the design process by Jensen Retail. The result is a brown-red lino floor, industrial lamps and customised storage racks in a light grey. The winery matches the grey colour; however, it is wooden and is reminiscent of the late 1930s. Passing by all the ecological wine will take you to the small dining area in the shop:

“Everything in the shop is crafted by hand and customised for this shop alone. The seating is inviting but to enhance customer flow and servicing, it is not too loungy. We ensure there is traffic and renewal amongst the customers,” said Thomas Jensen, who sits on one of the classical Thonet chairs in the dining area:

“These chairs are more or less the only mass-produced element in the decor. They are present as they are a reference to the founders of Løgismose´s sincere interest in and passion for French design and cuisine.”

He look out the row of windows to the small rooftop terrace, which is a part of the shop in a shop area. Out here you find customised benches with the same style as the storage racks and you are get a full view of the Parliament, the Fountain of Storcks and life on the pedestrian street. It is good to be enthusiastic about the view, but how does the client Løgismose view the final result of their shop in a shop. Tue Ramsing, a director of Løgismose Gastronomy, has been involved throughout the entire process:

“It is one thing when everything works on paper and in theory – it’s another when reality strikes. Walls may be built slightly differently than planned or regulations may prohibit a great idea. Jensen Retail has been a conscientious and solid partner. They not only always worked around the realities but remained loyal to the original idea, beyond what I have experienced before,” he stated and continues:

“I also have to emphasise that we finished with an entirely different choice of colours and materials than initially expected. You won’t find any other shop like ours!”

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