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DANISH™: Mater Earth Gallery entrance

Visit concept showroom in Copenhagen and experience not only the furniture but also the philosophy behind


DANISH™: Mater Earth Gallery in Copenhagen


DANISH™: Mater concept showroom


DANISH™: Mater Earth Gallery

Photo by Mater

The opening of Mater Earth Gallery in Copenhagen


DANISH™: Mater concept store


DANISH™: Mater concept store cph


DANISH™: Mater Gallery Cph


CEO and founder of Mater, Henrik Marstrand


DANISH™: Outside cph Mater Gallery

Photo Mater

Outside Mater Earth Gallery in which you can find all of the company´s products designed by various designers


Danish furniture company Mater will, over the next two years, open several concept showrooms across Europe. The openings are the execution of the company’s strategy for growth, a dream that was born when establishing the brand. “If you don´t dream, you don’t move,” says the founder.

“Get busy living or get busy dying” is a famous quote from the American movie Shawshank Redemption.

At Danish furniture company Mater, they rewrote the quote: “Get busy dreaming or get busy dying.” And they are quite busy living the dream, as going for the dream involves speed, ambition and pace.

Showcasing the dream visualizes a stringent strategy of growth over the next two years. In more concrete terms, Mater will be opening a series of showrooms across Europe and, thereby, have an increased number of employees.

“In collaboration with North/East Ventures, we have created an ambitious plan on how to roll out the business of Mater, starting in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain. Our customers will see the first initiative in spring 2018,” says an enthusiastic CEO and founder of Mater, Henrik Marstrand, as he explains how five new showrooms under the name Mater Earth Galleries will soon see the light of day in the main cities of the four countries.

And customers should prepare themselves for a brand in transition:

“We are continuously curious to work with new materials in our quest for designing sustainable and responsible interior. Our customers should expect an extension to the existing designs within lighting and seating, always created with our key purpose as a guiding star: we should always be able to answer why we chose this exact product and manufactured it at that particular workshop. We make ethical furniture.”

He is well aware of the fact that, to grow as a business, Mater needs to pull more than one string, meaning that the range will expand from being solely furniture and lighting to also contain supplemental lifestyle brands in the stores:

“This could be anything from stationary and bags to tableware and even clothing. Our primary focus is that all these collections will supplement our ethical universe of responsible production but must also fit our design profile.”

Larger company, larger reach, larger impact

Besides the fact that Henrik Marstrand enjoys business development almost as if it was a hobby and naturally hopes for Mater to expand its markets with an appurtenant increase in revenue, there is one more thing that he’s really looking forward to with Mater growing bigger:

“Over the years, we have experienced how an idealistic approach to better conditions for workers in the workshops and the choice of which wood to use can take you far, what really has an impact is the size of your order. With Mater’s growth strategy, it is my sincere hope that larger orders to our suppliers from our side will result in an increased ability to have a positive impact on the ways of production and employment around the world.”

Mater’s collection is manufactured in many different places, such as India, Slovenia, Poland and Denmark, and used in private homes as well as in the contract market for hospitality. All these products will naturally be present in each of the five new Mater Earth Galleries. Up first is one in Clerkenwell, London, which will be opened in early spring 2018. But Henrik Marstrand and crew are well aware that, even though they compile all their products in showrooms, the customer deserves more than the obvious reasons to visit:

“The showrooms should be an interpretation and display of our ethics, so not only will we show the products but we also aim to showcase the details of how they are manufactured and which considerations we took along the way. Alongside this, our Earth Galleries will be the place to find statement-pieces, such as “Grace” by Eva Harlou, or limited editions, such as our small trays made from decay wood,” Henrik Marstrand tells.

On the drawing board are also workshops, lectures and dinner parties which will support an ethical way of manufacturing, living and working.

The first Mater Earth Gallery has recently opened in Copenhagen. In their minimalistic and artistic décor, you can already find the entire collection. Proportionally with the upcoming Mater Earth Galleries opening, products within tableware, homeware and wellness will also be sold here.

“Our primary focus is collaborators that are not mainstream, fit with our ethical profile and mainly Scandinavian. The point is that our customers always should feel able to find something special when visiting us or shopping the full assortments online. And we see it as an extra bonus if we can help upcoming companies build their dream,” Henrik Marstrand finishes.


Earth Galleries will open here:


Clerkenwell, London, Great Britain

Hamburg, Germany



Oslo, Norway

Stockholm, Sweden

Munich, Germany

“Mater means ‘mother’ in Latin. The name is the daily reminder of our small contribution to preventing the challenges that ‘mother earth’ faces. Design influences how we, as humans, live our lives: it shapes values, culture and society. Unfortunately, we are increasingly aware that the choices made during design processes often have environmental consequences. However, as a manufacturer, we have the opportunity to rethink dubious practices and create ethical and sustainable design that minimises adverse social and environmental impacts.”

– Henrik Marstrand, CEO & founder


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