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Schønherr Panda Zoo1

Photo courtesy of Schønherr


Schønherr Panda Zoo2

Photo courtesy of Schønherr


Gehl Moscow1

Photo courtesy of Gehl


Gehl Moscow2

Photo courtesy of Gehl


HLA Moesgaard1

Photo by Jacob Due


HLA Moesgaard2

Photo by Jacob Due


AART Vikingemuseum1

Photo courtesy of AART Architects


AART Vikingemuseum2

Photo courtesy of AART Architects


F&M Nuuk1

Photo courtesy of Friis & Moltke


F&M Nuuk2

Photo courtesy of Friis & Moltke


Some of the world’s most inspiring architectural works has been designed in Denmark. Therefore, the Editor of DANISH™ has selected five utterly distinctive architectural firms to showcase the great diversity in Danish architecture.


Within Copenhagen Zoo, Danish landscape architects Schønherr in collaboration with BIG are establishing the panda area. The beautiful part of this project is how everything adds up: the area is shaped as one giant yin/yang formation which both in colour and in the Chinese symbol make sense when considering which animals are supposed to live there. At the same time, this shape offers a series of practical advantages for pandas, guests and staff.

The way Schønherr in every project is able to correct, optimize and tighten the expression of an area without affecting the viewer experience and even allowing them to become part of nature tells the story of a high-class architectural studio expertly utilizing innovative design methods to create unique user-friendly results.

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When the Minister of Environment in Moscow´s City Government, Anton Kulbachevskiy, heard Jan Gehl talk at a sustainable city conference in Montreal in 2011, he had no doubt: We need exactly what you do. This is how a partnership between Moscow´s City Planning Department, GenPlan, and Danish Gehl began. Moscow in Russia is incredibly rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty but these assets have been placed at risk by an explosion in the levels of traffic and unprecedented levels of demolition and new construction in recent decades.

At DANISH™, we cherish the beauty in the “why” of Gehl: “Let´s make architecture and urban planning for people – helping bring them together. It might be romantic, yet necessary. It might be fighting a losing battle – yet beautiful.”

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Henning Larsen Architects

It is not without reason that Moesgaard Museum has experienced a significant increase in visitors since its´ inauguration four years ago. The way nature, the human touch and architectural insights all come together in this museum is outstanding. The view looking at the museum is as splendid as the view this building creates for its´ visitors when climbing the man-made hill overlooking the ocean and the woods.

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AART architects:

It is not without reason that AART architects have been selected to design and oversee the forthcoming extension of one of the most important museums in the world. Their capability in cultural projects reflects an understanding of users – offering visitors the rich combination of a look into the past, progression toward the future, and interaction with both times.

The Viking Age Museum in Norway is being extended not only in floor area but also in purpose, as the institution will be transformed from solely a museum to a leading international centre for the dissemination of knowledge about the Viking Age. The new centre is expected to receive more than 800,000 visitors a year.

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Friis & Moltke

Like no other, Friis & Moltke architects excels in integrating man-made constructions with existing nature – a trademark the studio carries since its very founding and up to today. The institution in Nuuk, Greenland, for inmates is no different and its´ interaction with nature supports the Prison Service’s wish to promote a balance between inmates serving their sentences and working towards their rehabilitation.

There is a subtle beauty in the way Friis & Moltke works with the philosophy of how the physical surroundings play a big part in affecting human behaviour and a person´s will to incorporate a positive quality by creating buildings that offer the right qualities to enhance a fast rehabilitation and to oppose physical and psychological violence.

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The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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