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wall paper

Photo: Zilmers

Heidi Zilmer creates wall paper in all sizes and colours.


wall paper

Photo: Zilmers

Fold it! A special technique used by Heidi Zilmer makes the spectacular pattern.


Furniture from upcycled azobé wood 09

Thors-Design's Gaia table comes with three different surfaces: sanded, burned and rustic.


Furniture from upcycled azobé wood 07

Most of Thors-Design's product are meant for both indoor and outdoor use. Here, the Gamma bench.



Photo: Christoffer Viby


Møbel og rum takes1

Photo: Møbel & Rum

Møbel & Rum's delicate design


PLAYdinner smoked oak

Photo by Bruunmunch


PLAYchair i miljø

© bruunmunch


fairy tales aviendo

Photo: Aviendo

Use the wood design to tell the classic fairy tales


fairy tales aviendo

Photo: Aviendo

The Nightingale selection by Fairy Tales by Aviendo.


Throughout the last 10 decades, different words and definitions have been tried out in order to paraphrase the Danish design DNA. A wander through the catalogue of DANISH™ showcases the variations and the common features of current Danish designers. The Editor of DANISH™ has picked out five very different designers that show the differentiation in Danish design.


The acme of craftsmanship within wallpaper is what defines Danish artist and designer Heidi Zilmer. Last year she took on the task of creating the world’s most expensive wallpaper, pleated with gold. Her commitment, search for quality and her insistence on crossing boundaries is inspiring!

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This is an award-winning manufacturer and workshop that produces furniture from upcycled azobé wood sourced from decommissioned ferry landings and wharves. The idea might seem simple, yet international customers fly in to the outskirts of Jutland with the sole purpose of buying the products of Thors Design. In short: This is honest design based on quality and upcycling.

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Møbel & Rum

Here´s a company that is aware of how important designers are in being part of solving global challenges. A good design needs to reflect global challenges and therefore it should not only be a ‘new thing’ – or another consumerist product made of the limited resources that we all share. Thumbs up for considering not only the product but also the effect of the design.

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The text on the ‘about’ part of their virtual business card says it all: Their pursuit for perfection was failing to be met when it came to furniture, so they decided to make their own. Because when you walk by each piece of furniture, finding faults is not an option. The value of craftsmanship and the sense of detail is truly thrilling.

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Though at its core this company conveys the essence of Danish culture and history –first through fairytales and later on through its beauty products and food – this company is still fairly young. Founded only in the early 2010s, they express an important part of Danish DNA in an elegant and analogue way that works even across generations.

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