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Wireframe for VIA University College Aarhus designed by Arkitema

Wireframe for VIA University College Aarhus designed by Arkitema


Denmark’s finest national park by designs integrated to the landscape 03

Illustration by Arkitema Architects

The winning project is designed by the Danish architectural firm Arkitema Architects, and it is situated on the banks of the Kalø inlet in Jutland.


Denmark’s finest national park by designs integrated to the landscape 01

Illustration by Arkitema Architects

The new building will include an exhibition area, a restaurant and a meeting point for tourists, families and school classes on field trips.


Entek bergen 1

Illustration: Arkitema Architects

An open space suitable for collaboration between students, teachers and local companies.


Entek Bergen 4

Illustration: Arkitema Architects

Arkitema is creating an innovative environment with the new Entek building in Bergen.


Virtual Reality and 3D digital modelling have given even ”normal people” the ability to co-design everything from hospitals to a new private house, while with these tools, the professionals can explore endless design possibilities using 3D digital models to take full advantage of the technological revolution that is taking place right now. This is why an event like BILT is so necessary for the industry to keep abreast of technological developments. The Danish studio Arkitema is looking forward to taking part – for the fifth year in a row!

One of the things Marianne Friis at Arkitema likes about her job is the part where the developer – both private as well as professional developers – sees the building for the first time set up as a 3D digital model through using VR glasses. This 3D virtual reality model gives the client a better understanding of the project’s architectural ambitions, its space and rooms as well as the technical solutions and challenges that will be involved in the build.

”You might say that we build the house twice. Due to today’s technology, we can create everything in digital programs, which makes it possible for people outside the building industry to co-design without too many issues. I might be a specialist inside the business – but if I was from outside the business, this would definitely be of great interest to me”, Marianne Friis claims.

Together with nine others, she represents Arkitema this year as they participate for the fifth year in a row:

”For the sake of the customer, including building experts, we need the entire industry to sign up to promote knowledges sharing, and the development and utilization of collaborative tools as well as to dig further into the almost endless digital possibilities that the technological revolution can bring. This is why we have so many participating – we have to walk the talk.”


Besides being the Head of BIM Management at Danish Arkitema Architects, Marianne Friis is also Chairman of the Board in BIM Aarhus, Denmark, a network that works for all parts of the Danish building industry to help them join forces to promote knowledge sharing as part of the digital revolution within the building industry.

This makes her a known and experienced guest at the BILT event, and in turn, Marianne Friis already has some expectations for this year’s BILT Europe:

”I appreciate the loose interaction between speakers, delegates, sponsors and the committee behind BILT, which while creating collaboration also leaves room for inspiration, learning, networking and enhancing your technical skills at the same time”.

She is looking forward to meeting some guests from previous years’ events as well as running into new people. Also, she values the non-religious attitude the BILT event has towards specific pieces of software:

”The entire structure of the event is very transparent: We all know who the sponsors are and the air time given to them is related to their sponsorship status. But besides these, all sorts of programs, tools, software and solutions can be discussed. This gives us as delegates a nice platform for deciding ourselves what fits best for our company or workflow.”

The Danish way

When the BILT delegates visit Denmark at the beginning of October, there will also be an opportunity for them to see how entrepeneurs, architects and engineers work. Marianne Friis has been involved in planning an Open Door Programme as an add-on to the BILT event.

”Every country has its own working culture. In Denmark, we tend to work with a very flat hierarchy, which is reflected in our studios and offices. We are aiming for inspiration – the one we can give and the response it generates so that we can learn and be further influenced,” Marianne Friis states.

18 different studios, including entrepeneurs, are hosting the guests from BILT in the Open Door Programme.

The facts

BILT Europe 2017 is taking place in Aarhus, Denmark.

BILT Europe is managed by RTC Events.

BIM Aarhus has been assisting RTC Events in location finding, e.g. in Aarhus, Denmark.

Marianne Friis is Chairman of the Board of BIM Aarhus.


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