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Danish design company Gejst has partnered with Böttcher & Kayser from Berlin – an excellent match. Together, they now present two new products – with more on the way.

Not long ago, each corner of the world had its own distinctive style. Japan rooted its design in ancient culture, the English took notes from their upper class, and the Scandinavians used a simplistic approach. Today, thanks to globalisation, ideas flow freely among creative minds. It should come as no surprise then that Danish company Gejst looked to Germany for cool Scandinavian style.

Gejst presents two new products made in collaboration with Berlin-based design duo Böttcher & Kayser. The first product, Nivo, is a simplistic shelf made to be as functional as possible. The second is Galet, an organic cutting board accompanied by similar-looking ceramic bowls.

CEO of Gejst Søren Nielsen is as happy as can be with his new German partners. He says: ‘They are just really cool guys – and skilled as well. When we met them at a design fair in Stockholm, we instantly clicked. Böttcher & Kayser embody our design philosophy, which is form follows function, and on the base of that we found a great common understanding.’


Böttcher & Kayser have won multiple awards for their designs – including the coveted Red Dot Award. The two designers, Moritz Böttcher and Nikolaus Kayser, grew up with a strict and functional German design approach. But they were also fascinated by the ease and beauty of another style.

‘Both of us feel a connection to the timeless Nordic aesthetics. It reflects people’s need for cosiness, quality and a life that is harmonious with nature. Additionally, we like the reliability of working with Scandinavians. Maybe that stems from Nikolaus being an eighth part Danish,’ explains Böttcher with a grin.

Having previously collaborated with other Danish companies such as Normann Copenhagen and Stelton, the pair considered that now was the time to try something different and Gejst quickly caught their attention.

Böttcher says: ‘We have an idea of what Gejst will evolve into in the near future. They have the same approach to quality as we do and we think we found a sort of soulmate in them.’

Angular and smooth

Böttcher & Kayser take care of design, while Gejst refines the product and manages production, sales and marketing. This works great for both companies, explains Søren Nielsen: ‘Böttcher & Kayser think further ahead in the production process than is normal for many designers. Therefore, the development is much easier for us and we can move on to selling a product quicker than is usual.’

The shelf Nivo is made of wood and steel. Its defining characteristic is that it almost hovers in mid-air. This is achieved through a clever solution in which the shelf slides into place in precise angular cuts in the wood.

The smooth rocks you find by the beach inspired the shape of the Galet bowls and cutting board. The bowls fit snugly next to the board so that when you cut up vegetables, you can casually slide the pieces directly into the bowls with the knife.

The two products are well-made from quality materials and Søren Nielsen expects a lot from them both. Nivo is already on sale and doing great, while Galet hits the shelves later this year. Meanwhile, the Danes and the Germans are already cooking up new ideas.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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