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Frandsen Projects are known for designing customised lighting for hotels around the world. Having been around for 40 years, they truly know craftsmanship and quality. They also create really interesting, clever solutions. And now you can have a bit of that in your own home!

We are thrilled to be first to present Frandsen Projects’ ‘rewired’, a new brand they will launch in January at northmodern. However, we got the green light and are able to give you a sneak peek at these amazing, clean-cut-designed lamps.

According to Thomas Hansen, Director of Frandsen Projects, ‘rewired is the product of genuine passion, innovative production and intelligent craftsmanship’. He continues: ‘At rewired we combine modern production with traditional crafts.’

The design team is not only in-house; Danish architecture firm Friis & Moltke design for rewired as well.

So, without further ado, we give you rewired.

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