Countdown to the Danish Design Award: Harnessing a Multi-Applicable Material


HP Masking 01

A whole bus wrapped in shrink wrap.


HP Masking 02

Shrink-wrapped collies for transport.


HP Masking 03

A building site wrapped in shrink wrap.


HP Masking 04

Outside the construction site.


HP Masking 05

The shrink wrap can also be used for damage control, i.e. in insurance cases.


HP Masking 06


Shrink wrap used for a work tent.


HP Masking 07

A wind turbine blade wrapped in shrink wrap.


HP Masking 08

HP Masking.


The Danish Design Award show is about to become a valuable display window to the building and design industry for the shrink wrap reseller HP Masking. The Danish company sees an opportunity to introduce innovation to the business.

A small Danish company is on a big mission to introduce shrink wrap to the Danish building industry. Already a steady supplier to the surfacing industry, HP Masking is now marketing heat-shrinkable plastic or shrink wrap, which has been used for enveloping scaffolding for 25 years in the US, and for several years in the rest of Europe. The company believes it’s time for the Danish building industry to begin to use and benefit from shrink wrap.

“It’s a challenge for us to introduce the wrap, and I think that’s because of a building industry being fond of its habits and routines, doing things the same way they’ve always done them. But maybe that’s just my assumption,” says Henrik Mikkelsen, CEO at HP Masking.

The shrink wrap replaces the traditional tarp covering, which is still found on almost every scaffold on construction sites. The wrap on scaffolding is strong, performs better in bad weather, and doesn’t have some of the disadvantages of regular tarp, such as cracking up in strong winds or the like.

“The plastic used for our shrink wrap is recyclable and can later be reutilized in other contexts. At the same time, the load capacity of the wrap is magnificent. To demonstrate this, we wrapped the top of a trailer and used it as a trampoline – without any cracks or splits appearing,” explains Nikolaj Mikkelsen, Head of Sales at HP Masking.

The Norwegian agency of Dr. Shrink, which is the brand name of the shrink wrap, introduced HP Masking to its products. The keen Danish entrepreneurs felt that it fitted their other businesses well, so an agreement to become a wholesale distributor in Denmark was made. Now the legwork of introducing and marketing a new product has begun.

“We need to show the value that shrink wrap instantly creates, when showcasing and “selling” the idea to developers, contractors and architects,” says Henrik Mikkelsen.

He continues: “We’ve begun figuring out a strategy to engage architects more directly, so that they can specify shrink wrap as a requirement to contractors for future and ongoing building projects. Apart from its durability, it gives a better, cleaner look to a construction site that might be there for years, and appearance matters.”

Now, a new step is about to be taken to introduce and familiarize architects with the shrinkable materials.

“The organisers behind one of the Danish Design Award shows was looking for a plastic material to decorate their venue. We demonstrated the shrink wrap, and show delegates instantly recognized its functionality as interior décor at an award show. At the same time, we saw the potential in showcasing our shrink wrap products to designers and people interested in design and architecture at the Danish Design Award show,” Henrik Mikkelsen ends.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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