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Ege Carpets produce thousands of carpets in all shapes, patterns and colours. For a time, the sheer number of combinations overwhelmed their customers. Now Ege Carpets has narrowed the picking process with a clever solution. They call it Highline Express.

Two psychologists once performed an experiment. They displayed free samples of gourmet jam in a grocery store. The first day, they offered for sale 24 different jars of jam and let people taste two of them. The second day, they did the same with only six different jars.

On the first day, three per cent of the costumers bought a jar of jam. On the second day, thirty per cent of customers bought one. The difference? It was easier to choose with only six options.

It is the same with carpets. Too many possibilities can paralyze a customer. Sometimes it even leads to a feeling of a bad experience to know that you only saw a small percentage of the available options. Ege Carpets knows the feeling. They are one of Europe’s leading carpeting companies.

“Our customers told us it was a complicated to choose a carpet. There were too many options meaning you had to look through thousands of designs. It became unmanageable to pick the right one,” says Jan Magdal Poulsen, marketing and brand manager.

The solution is a series of carpets called Highline Express. This filters contemporary carpets down to six possibilities, like the number of jars in the jam experiment. The six categories each have names, such as Classic, which represents the timeless patterns, and Nature, which take inspiration from life outdoors. In each category, there is a well-assorted selection of premade designs ready to fit into a hotel room, an office or a store.

“We thought long and hard about a solution and consulted our customers to get feedback. The result was to take our old Highline series and to update the designs we liked and add some new ones. Then we categorized them, so it became simple and easy to find your style,” says Jan Magdal Poulsen.

One of the customers who immediately took a liking to Highline Express was Carsten Michaelsen. He is chief interior designer at the Danish company Interiør Gruppen. They specialize in decorating hotels and restaurants and have been a customer of Ege Carpets for many years.

“I only just saw the new collection last week, but it looks very nice. It is a good thing that they categorize their options in a way that fits the different styles of projects we are involved in. It makes it more manageable to work with,” says Carsten Michaelsen.

Interiør Gruppen receives many new collections from different companies, and Carsten Michaelsen tells how most of it goes unnoticed.

“Materials should help the creative process. It should be a natural process where I get an idea from a new material or a pattern. Often, that is not the case. Many new collections do nothing to help. With these new ones from Ege Carpets, I immediately began linking the designs to some of our future projects and the ideas just flowed,” says Carsten Michaelsen.

Customers can change colours and the size of the patterns to fit in each building or individual room. Another advantage of buying Highline Express is the short delivery time: only two weeks! The carpets are also cheaper than custom-made carpets – but without compromising on quality,” explains Jan Magdal Poulsen from Ege Carpets.

“So far, the feedback has been exceedingly positive. We only just implemented the series but customers are already calling it inspiring to work with. Meanwhile our sales team is telling us that their dialogue with customers is more effective and it takes less time to work with them to find the best fitting solution,” says Jan Magdal Poulsen.


Ege Carpets sold its first carpets in 1938 and are now one of Europe’s biggest designers and manufactures of carpets. From their base in the city of Herning, they tailor carpet solutions for hotels, architecture projects and interior designers in 50 countries. The new Highland Express series is available now.

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