INDEX: Award: Here are the winners!


The winner of the Home category: Tesla Powerwall.


The winner of the Community category: The Ocean Cleanup Array.


The winner of the Play & Learning category: Duolingo.


The winner of the Body category: Peek Retina


The winner of the Work category: Sky Urban Vertical Farming System.


Last night saw the presentation of the international INDEX: Award in Elsinore, Denmark. The award, which recognises design that improves life, was presented to five winners that a jury chose from among 46 finalists that had been shortlisted from 1123 nominations. The total prize sum is EUR 500,000, making INDEX: Award the biggest monetary design award in the world.

Granted biennially, the award is split into five categories representing human life from inside out: Body, Home, Work, Play & Learning, and Community. Each category calls for entries from very different design fields. The idea is to use underlying challenges as perspective to show how you can use design as a tool to solve the issues of global and local societies – thus creating design to improve life.

All nominations and finalists were valued and selected based on their strength, creativity and overall rank as determined by the jury’s official criteria, which consider form, impact and context.

The 2015 INDEX: Award winners are:


Peek Retina
A smartphone adapter that enables practitioners to perform exams anywhere in the world, without expensive equipment or complex operational requirements. All that is needed is a smartphone camera, which, when held to the eye in combination with the adapter, shows a high quality image of the retina.


Tesla Powerwall
A home battery that lets you cut down on bills and your carbon footprint. Tesla Powerwall allows owners to store excess solar energy and avoid having to buy electricity in the evenings at peak rates.


Sky Urban Vertical Farming System
The world’s first low carbon, water-driven plot that grows vegetables using safe and sustainable production methods. With only 7% of vegetables in Singapore grown locally, Singaporean company Sky Greens has come up with an ideal solution to ensure more food supply resilience.


A smartphone app that should be able to teach you a language in 34 hours. Available on any device with Internet access, it’s simple to use – you just create a profile, choose your language and get started. The strategic game-like modules cover almost every element in language education, teaching you to both speak and write.


The Ocean Cleanup Array
This innovative design is a collection of huge floating structures intended to go into the centre of gyres of plastic in the sea to gather the debris. First, rows of floating barriers – safe for marine life – work like a giant funnel, sucking in and concentrating the debris. Platforms attached to the barriers then efficiently extract the plastic from the sea.

The People’s Choice Award

The mobile Desolenator runs purely on energy from the sun and purifies any type of water – even seawater. It’s easy to use, low cost, and a single unit can provide a family with 15 litres of clean water per day.

DANISH™ congratulates all the winners!

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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