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Anders Hvid: Co-Founder and CEO of Dare Disrupt






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Dokk1 by Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects



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Moesgaard Museum just outside Aarhus in Jutland, Denmark.



Wesley Benn is executive chairman of RTC events and founded the non-profit organisation more than 10 years ago



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Perspective from Aros Museum of Art






Photo by Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Dokk1 by Schmidt Hammer Lassen


“When using only digitalisation as an extension of your usual routines or to optimise your work processes is misunderstood, we have to dare to rethink our perception of businesses and branches to gain fully from the technological development,” stated Anders Hvid from Dare Disrupt. He is the keynote speaker at BILT Europe next week.

In a week from today, Anders Hvid, who is the owner and CEO of the Danish company Dare Disrupt, will enter the stage at BILT Europe as the keynote speaker. He is very aware that this audience already feel very confident utilising the latest technologies yet that is exactly why he accepted the chance to “shake” the audience:

“The building industry is very good at integrating new possibilities in technology, yet this industry is still very insufficient and conservative. It is not enough just to tech up your normal routines to create a lean effect and an easier everyday life. The building industry needs to start exploring the possibilities of crossing branches”, Anders Hvid states.

During his speech, he will, therefore, take the audience on a journey through not only examples from other businesses but also give them tools on how to alter the traditional perspectives in a branch.

“It makes good sense to know your costs and expenses when running a business. This can restrain some from diving into development and innovation, because the costs are variable.” Anders Hvid acknowledges that it takes a lot of courage for a CEO to dare to seek change within their business, but while recognising this he lifts a pointing finger:

“New ideas and thoughts are not free. Neither do they show up as regular, expected costs month by month. Yet doing nothing can be far more expensive than actually making room in your budget or allowing your staff to go off the accepted path”, Anders Hvid explained.

As a co-founder of Dare Disrupt and associated faculty member at Singularity University, he spends almost all of his time on the development of new technologies and digitalisation and how to integrate these into a business. This is also why he knows about a Swedish engineer who built a zero-energy house, which caught the attention of IKEA, or how some banks have captured a new digital business that has absolutely nothing to do with traditional banking.

It is initiatives like these that Anders Hvid is going to run through to motivate the building industry gathered at BILT about new ways of perceiving digital developments:

“There’s a huge difference between radical innovation and disruptive innovation. The building industry needs to go beyond using technological development as the foundation of their regular work and they need to dare to disrupt their own businesses. I’m looking forward to meeting them!”

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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