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DANISH™ bi-weekly visual newsletter 09

Photo by Mater

The Mater high stool.


DANISH™ bi-weekly visual newsletter 05

Photo by Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Dokk1 (Aarhus, Denmark) designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.


DANISH™ bi-weekly visual newsletter 02

Photo by Michael Frederiksen

A shoe design from Design School Kolding's joint shoe chouse with Danish shoe maker ECCO.


DANISH™ bi-weekly visual newsletter 01

Photo by Henrik Jauert


DANISH™ bi-weekly visual newsletter 06

Photo by Kim Wendt

Interior design by Rosan Bosch Studio.


DANISH™ bi-weekly visual newsletter 08

Photo by Friis & Moltke

Skagen Museum re-designed by Friis & Moltke.


DANISH™ bi-weekly visual newsletter 07

Photo by Carsten Snejberg

Roskilde Festival from above.


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