by Lassen Breathes New Life into Old Designs


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Classy set-up.


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Den Trætte Mand & My Own Chair. Chairs designed by Flemming Lassen


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The Connect Table in a 2017-version


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Co-founder Søren Lassen


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Stylish and elegant interior for a Nordic way of living


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It's all in the detail!


Balancing well-known classics with new designs, the team at by Lassen works hard to carry on established family traditions without becoming predictable.

“The way the Conekt Table was designed meant it was impossible to make when it was originally drawn in 1975, but due to advances in production techniques, it has been possible to produce it just as it was originally designed 40 years ago. It’s funny to think that the table was conceptualized as a vision of the future, and it has now become a product in the present.”

Those words come from Søren Lassen, grandson of architect Mogens Lassen and one of the co-founders of Danish design brand by Lassen. The company was founded on the idea of bringing the old designs of architects Mogens and Flemming Lassen back to life, adapting them to our modern lifestyle while maintaining their origins.

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Photo: by Lassen

“It’s the alpha and omega that we know our originator as well as we do. Our mission is to create designs which substantiate our universe and DNA. The individual design should both relate to our additional products and be able to stand alone,” Magnus Sangild, product developer at by Lassen, explains.

It’s quite a lot to keep up with, and it’s important to watch your steps, when you’re following in your grandfather’s footsteps like Søren Lassen. The co-founder of by Lassen is very aware of his responsibility to carry on the proud family tradition.

“I have a mantra, which is to continue to develop the designs from my grandfather and his brother and the designs of our own team, including myself. That is the creative task that sits on my shoulders’, he says. ‘The designs are my grandfather’s things, a legacy I have inherited from him, which I have tried to move forward. I’m proud to have brought some of his designs into contemporary times,” Søren Lassen says.

It’s all about storytelling

The evolution of production techniques and craftsmanship are essential to by Lassen’s livelihood and success. All the company’s designs are based on original ideas, a belief in the brand and a well-known name. According to Line Schmeltz, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Business Communication at Aarhus University, by Lassen’s success ties to this foundation.

“Storytelling is highly valued when you buy exclusive and rather expensive designs. by Lassen has a story that is worth its weight in gold. They’ve got a good family story and old, well-preserved notes and sketches from Mogens and Flemming Lassen to supplement it. That’s not only a good story in Denmark but one that goes over well internationally,” Schmeltz says.

One important story is the one connected directly to the product or the company; another is the one tied to the customer buying the product. Self-image and identity creation are also a huge part of a product. According to Schmeltz, that’s an asset for by Lassen.

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Photo: by Lassen

“Look at the Kubus candleholder. It’s a really simple design, but it has become a symbol on a stylish lifestyle and something, which, to many, is important for their self-image and identity,” Schmeltz explains and sums up:

“When you buy designs in this price range, you buy a ticket to a world you want to be a part of.”

You can see the Kubus candleholder and more of by Lassen’s designs at the top or on their webpage.

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