Last Chance to Save the Planet


Prix BLOXHUB Interactive

Photo Credit: BLOXHUB


Prix BLOXHUB Interactive Torben Klitgaard



Prix BLOXHUB Interactive

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Indy Johar & Natalie Mossin



Prix BLOXHUB Interactive

Photo credit: BLOXHUB


Indy Johar Prix BLOXHUB Interactive



The open call for Prix BLOXHUB Interactive ends on February 15th – This is the last chance, to enter with an urban visionary solution that might just save the world.

Calling all architects, designers and similar with visionary ideas to solve the challenges caused by environmental changes and urbanisation, this is the last chance to enter Prix BLOXHUB Interactive.

By 2030, an estimated 5 billion people will be living in the world’s major cities. Based on UN Sustainable Development Goals, Prix BLOXHUB Interactive was established to enable human-centric, digital solutions to be developed addressing the challenges brought about by rapid, global urbanisation.

“If we want to create good, sustainable cities that meet the challenges that cities face
globally, it is crucial that we improve our interdisciplinary workflow and integrate digital
technology into the development of our urban spaces. That is our focus behind this initiative,” says Torben Klitgaard, director of BLOXHUB and one of the partners behind the Prix BLOXHUB Interactive.

The Competition
Prix BLOXHUB Interactive is a non-profit initiative developed by Interactive Spaces Studio at the Alexandra Institute (DK), BLOXHUB (DK) and Ars Electronica (AT), who have joined forces to gather and build new concrete knowledge about how digital technologies can be used in creating new and improved urban solutions. The initiative is funded and co-developed by the Realdania Foundation.

The jury for the Prix BLOXHUB Interactive comprises of global thought leaders, specifically:
·      Carlo Ratti, Director, MIT Senseable City Lab
·      Natalie Mossin, Co-chair, UIA Commission on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
·      Indy Johar, Architect, Co-founder of 00
·      Helle Søholt, Founding Partner of Gehl, CEO
·      Gerfried Stocker, Artistic Director of the Ars Electronica Festival
·      Kaj Grønbæk, Proffessor, Head of the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
·      Marius Sylvestersen, Smart City Program Manager for Copenhagen

Prix BLOXHUB Interactive will take place in and around BLOX in Copenhagen on 21–22 May 2019. The two days will be filled with workshops, keynote speeches, networking and talks. Participants will gain access to stakeholders that are helping shape tomorrow’s discourse around urban liveability and digital technology.

You can read more about the price competition in our previous article.

BLOX (the building) is located at the harbour front of Copenhagen and is part of the city’s cultural circuit of venues that play a role in creating a new urban economy. BLOX houses BLOXHUB, which is the Nordic hub for sustainable urbanisation. BLOXHUB is founded on the belief that the challenges of global urbanisation and climate change require new ways of collaboration. Especially among architecture, engineering, design thinking, construction and tech, as well as between research and practice.

BLOXHUB was founded on 3 June 2016 by Realdania, the City of Copenhagen and the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. It is a non-profit member association for companies, research institutions, organisations and municipalities. BLOXHUB today has 261 members, of whom 78 are residents co-creating side by side to make a better world.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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