Last Day at BILT Europe 2017


Vamma Norway


Old picture of where Vamma is being projected


Vamma juni 2016


Lego designer


fidget spinner or not


Each day during BILT Europe, which is taking place in Aarhus, Denmark (the 2017 European capital of culture), DANISH™ will present the laughs, the knowledge and the gadget of the day.


Speaker Conor Shaw was almost appalled during his presentation, on PointCloud and how to “scan to BIM”, when he encountered how very few people participating in his session had taken use of LEGO®’s free piece of software for designing buildings – especially given the fact that, this year, BILT Europe took place in the home country of the company. This, of course, encourages DANISH™ to inform all you building and design geeks to bring you the following:


The Gadget of the Day: Visit this page and enjoy creating your imaginary building. Afterwards, the software will generate a building guide in LEGO® blocks from what you’ve made.

Lego designer


What really made everyone take out their phone from their pockets was what happened during the visit from Pavel Piechnik from Autodesk.

The Learning of the Day: He presented a huge project completed in Norway, The Vamma, totally without paperwork. The project is called Vamma and you can find a teaser about it here.

Vamma Norway

The Laugh of the Day was as Desiree Makay gave a session on how to work with multiple generations. One of the examples was as follows:

fidget spinner or not

Is it a fidget spinner or a 45 RPM adapter for long-playing (LP) vinyl records?

The answer is of course a 45 RPM adapter – but only people of a certain age remember this!





The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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