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The visual result is a linear story 02


Dynamic and vivid design


The visual result is a linear story 01


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More a movie concept than a website


The Danish Shipowners’ Association’s latest website,, is more like a movie concept than creating a regular website. Spring/Summer, which designed the platform, says this style is necessary to communicate an important story.

As you enter, you are welcomed by a wave graphic. Not to be corny, but this feels very responsible by the designers behind the Danish Shipowners’ Association’s latest website,

The wave transforms into six bars in the right-hand margin as you see the ocean in the background. Wild, turbulent, almost roaring waves transform into quiet, intriguing water. The site drags you into the story of environmental and climate changes from a ship owners’ perspective.

‘The point of the website is quite significant and of political importance for customers. The content itself is complex and not easy to communicate, so we had to look in the direction of other genres to convey the material delicately, in a simplified and nuanced manner, while making sure that viewers get the full picture’, says Robert Thomsen, Creative Director of Spring/Summer, which designed the platform:

‘Very early in the development process, two things became clear to us. First, we needed a large, strong overview to present every piece of information correctly. Second, because of the complicated, important nature of the material, we saw the need for a dynamic, vivid design that corresponds to the content.’

The visual result is a linear story told throughout the site complimented with information connected to each bar in the margin. The results for the Danish Shipowners’ Association have been striking. Not only did the site have over 70.000 visitors within the first month, but those visitors stay for more than 3,5 minutes. Maria Bruun Skipper, Director at the Danish Shipowners’ Association, says, ‘Being a trade organisation for ship owners, we work on a long-term basis to change  preconceived perceptions of shipping through facts and knowledge. A platform like makes us better prepared to handle an increasing interest from international decision makers on how ship owners’ approach climate change and environmental issues’.

When asked why the association chose Spring/Summer, Maria Bruun Skipper’s answer is clear:

‘Initially, we were very impressed with the previous projects Spring/Summer completed for other customers outside our field. As we engaged with them, it became obvious that they appreciated the idea, and quickly took ownership. In other words, development of the website became a partnership between us and them where our ideas were being challenged and developed further.’

At Spring/Summer, they shared this experience. Pelle Martin, the founder and Creative Director at the agency, found the combination of the complicated material and the universe in which it takes place quite fascinating: ‘The whole naval scenario is very rich with metaphors, pictures and images which made the project really interesting and exciting to dive into. It has been a really special process for us as we never had to convey anything so serious and historical before’.

Even though this represented a new challenge for Spring/Summer, they claim that one of the biggest issues they faced was making sure that every chapter and paragraph fit correctly so the result speaks for itself. The site has already won an FWA awards and two AWWW awards for best site and best development.

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